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Staff Predictions | Sergey Kovalev vs. Isaac Chilemba


Sergey Kovalev vs. Isaac Chilemba - Alexandr (12)

On Monday, July 11, 2016, Sergey Β Kovalev returns home to Russia to face Isaac Chilemba.

With a fight against Andre Ward set for November 19, Kovalev hopes to build interest with an emphatic win over the always durable Chilemba.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions for Sergey Kovalev vs. Isaac Chilemba and let us know who you think will win.

Round By Round Boxing Staff Predictions - 2017

NameWinLossTotal FightsWin Percentage
Alan Garcia92110.81818181818182
Alex Burgos188260.69230769230769
Amber Williams145190.73684210526316
Andrew Kang6061
Brandon Glass131140.92857142857143
Chris Nicastro93120.75
CJ Halloran103131.6666666666667
Eric Ramos1011
Joseph Rodriguez931212
Julio Sanchez5160.83333333333333
Liam Brady196250.76
Michael Burnell156210.71428571428571
Milo Taibi0110
Robert Contreras2021
Sarah Gruber93120.75
Shelbi Keyes1011
Ty Paul192210.9047619047619

All photos by Alexandr Safonov/

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