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Staff Predictions | Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman

Pacquiao vs. Thurman
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On Saturday, July 20, 2019, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao steps into the ring to take on undefeated WBA champion, Keith “One Time” Thurman.

Will it be All-Time or One Time who comes out victorious?

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions for Pacquiao vs. Thurman and let us know who you think will win.

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Manny Pacquiao
Keith Thurman

Pacquiao vs. Thurman

Robert Contreras, Staff Writer

Manny Pacquiao is a 40-year-old, 70-fight veteran with three full-time jobs, and has still remained more active than the 30-year-old Keith Thurman.

The boxing legend proved his skills are still sharp, sharper even than a talented, athletic fighter like Adrien Broner, who he outpointed over 12 rounds just this year.

Thurman most recently was forced to settle for a majority-decision over a limited boxer in Josesito Lopez. Gimme the Hall of Famer to add to his legacy.

Prediction: Pacquiao


Andrew Kang, Staff Writer

There are those who believe this could be Manny Pacquiao’s swan song, fighting the bigger, stronger, younger champion in Keith Thurman.

It certainly has the potential to be a changing of the guard for Pacquiao but that will eventually happen when he fights either Errol Spence or Terence Crawford.

He is not what he used to be but a motivated Manny still has too much speed and talent for a super hyped Thurman. I think Keith will do well from the middle rounds on but fade in the last couple of rounds.

Prediction: Pacquiao


R.L. Woodson, Staff Writer

Thurman’s standing in the game was bad prior to Josesito Lopez, his in-ring reputation took a dip after some unsteady moments. Manny Pacquiao easily moved past Adrien Broner, but wasn’t overwhelmingly spectacular in doing so. How badly do we want to go over those bouts with a fine tooth comb?

This is Keith Thurman’s shot to define what he was at his best in what’s supposed to be the prime of his career. He gets the win behind his feet and movement, while fighting smart offensively until it’s safe to attempt to really go after one of the game’s all-time fighters in Pacquiao.

Pacquiao no longer has the explosiveness and footwork to deliver that signature straight left hand that his eyes probably still see. Thurman keeps it simple to get a lead in rounds, but does he really try to keep his word and close out the final chapter of Manny Pacquiao?

Prediction: Thurman


Julio Sanchez, Photographer

Prediction: Thurman


Michael Burnell, Staff Writer

Living legend Manny Pacquiao may be 40, but this is a legit mega fight against a young, unbeaten champion in Keith Thurman who has the second best current resume at 147.

This fight will be won and lost on intangibles.

From Thurman’s angle, how much has the layoff truly effected him? It seems understandable that there would be rust after over 2 years off with injuries. With the exception of a round or two he dominated Lopez in his last fight, though was heavily buzzed in Round 7. Is he still hungry? Is his PPV against an all time great too much pressure for him? Is the 35 pound weight loss for the fight indicative of something more?

Pacquiao is not without his question marks either. Will Father Time be in the opposing corner on Saturday? Are the wins over a slow Lucas Matthysse (who retired after their fight) and stationary, reluctant Adrian Broner really an accurate barometer to what he has left in the tank against world class fighters?

The facts are that Pac is still a world class fighter and appears very hungry to defeat his young, trash talking opponent. Thurman is also a world class fighter who is very motivated to add a legend’s name to his ledger.

This will be a great fight with changes in momentum throughout its duration.

Manny Pacquiao is clearly the sentimental favorite but youth will prevail this night and Thurman will win a close decision.

Prediction: Thurman


Joshua Diaz, Staff Writer

This is a must win fight for both men. Manny Pacquiao may retire if he loses and Keith Thurman would lose everything he’s built with a loss.

I see Thurman using his size and reach advantage to back up his talk, winning this fight by outboxing Pacquiao and using his straight right hand to keep PAC-man at distance.

Prediction: Thurman


Joseph Hammond, Staff Writer

As with anyone of Filipino heritage its tough to not choose Manny Pacquiao. Shame we never got to see him fight Floyd Mayweather in his prime.

People keep talking about how Keith Thurman looked against Josesito Lopez in his last outing. I keep thinking about when Shawn Porter hurt Thurman with that bodyshot in their fight.

I have been back and forth in my mind about this one but, I am picking Pacquiao for sentimental reasons. Sure, I have only been wrong about Pacquiao once before.

I picked him to beat JMM in their third encounter and would much rather be watching the fourth fight in that series rather than Pacquiao in this one.

Prediction: Pacquiao


Alan Garcia, Staff Writer

Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman is definitely a fight worth arousing the interest of many fans;— not because it’ll be a highly competitive fight, but because it’ll be interesting to see how Pacquiao will defeat Thurman. Perhaps my statement may seem a little crude and dismissing, but truth told, I don’t see Thurman winning.

I foresee the outcome of the fight play out in two ways: Taking Pacquiao’s previous bouts into consideration, there is every indication that it might go the distance. However, also acknowledging Thurman’s latest performances, there is a great chance Thurman won’t make it past the sixth round.

Thurman has a tendency of falling into traps and I belief Pacquiao will capitalize on this weakness looking for a knockout opportunity in those intervals. Neither outcome will surprise me, but I’m interested to see how the fight unfolds nonetheless.

Prediction: Pacquiao


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

This is certainly a pick ’em fight and one that I’m really excited to see. I like Manny Pacquiao, the more active and seemingly healthier fighter, to win this fight.

Keith Thurman does have youth on his side, but he came in extra heavy (in the 180s) to start this camp and to me, he just doesn’t seem like his pre-married/injury self.

I’ll take Pac via close split decision, but wouldn’t be surprised by a draw.

Prediction: Pacquiao

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