3 Keys to Victory for Martin Murray

3. Do Not Start Slow

Photo by Will Hart/HBO

It took Martin Murray almost four rounds to get going against Sergio Martinez and this caused him to fall behind on the scorecards.

If Murray waits that long against Gennady Golovkin, the fight wont see Round 5.

Although Murray stayed covered up making it difficult for Martinez to penetrate inside, Golovkin is a busier and heavier puncher than Martinez and will find an opening to unleash some bombs either to the body or head.

Murray will need to earn Golovkin’s respect early on in the fight by landing combinations and let him feel the pop. Murray will need to ward off Golovkin’s offensive barrage which is sure to come.

If Murray hits Golovkin with his own medicine by cutting the ring off and landing inside body shots he may have a chance to push the fight into the later rounds where it can be anyone’s fight.

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