A Joint Statement From Queensberry Promotions, Top Rank and MTK Global Regarding Tyson Fury

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

(March 16, 2020) — Due to the publication of a number of misleading and misrepresentative statements and articles made by third parties relating to Tyson Fury, the following statement is made jointly by MTK Global, Top Rank and Queensberry Promotions.

Tyson Fury is the globally recognized No. 1 Heavyweight in the world and the current Lineal, WBC and Ring Magazine champion. Tyson is contracted to a third fight with former WBC world champion Deontay Wilder.

Any statement made regarding negotiations, talks, venues or any other bout should be disregarded.

Top Rank, MTK Global and Queensberry Promotions have and will continue to work in close conjunction with each other to deliver Tyson Fury the best opportunities to enhance his career and earnings. This will require each party, as well as Tyson Fury himself, to continue to work together as a team to explore and negotiate any and all future possibilities.

The collaboration has thus far seen Tyson Fury enter into one of the most lucrative contracts in boxing history, become a global phenomenon and reclaim his rightful position atop the heavyweight division.

Any updates regarding future fights will only be made through official channels, and we will continue to deliver boxing fans the biggest and best fights involving “The Gypsy King.”

Many options have presented themselves in the Middle East for such bouts. Any meetings regarding this subject will be held in Dubai with all of the necessary parties.

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