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Adam Kownacki Tested, But Wins UD Against Chris Arreola

Kownacki Defeats Arreola
Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

Adam Kownacki has had one goal on his mind, and that is to challenge for a world title. His win over Chris Arreola insured that he is still on that path, but the road might be longer than expected.

Arreola was supposed to be nothing more than a punching bag. On August 3, 2019 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, he proved to be much more than just that.

Kownacki, as he has shown in his career thus far, is a fan favorite. He had the full support of the Brooklyn crowd behind him as he headlined his first main event.

From the start it was bombs away. Kownacki landed the sort of shots that would have put down any fighter. Arreola proved that not only does he have a chin, but also that he has a ton of heart. Not once did he stagger during the early onslaught. Instead, he planted his feet and bit down on his mouth guard and let his hands go.

The early rounds were mostly dictated by the undefeated Kownacki. Not to be outdone, Arreola managed to come on during the latter portions of every round.

As the fight continued, it was Arreola who seemed to be the fresher guy in there. Kownacki began to take deep breaths as the fight progressed. During the championship rounds was where Arreola truly shined.

The multiple-time title challenger pushed his man back and ripped off some huge shots. Although he did a good job of closing the show, it was a case of too little, too late.

When the final bell rang the judges were called upon to give their scorecards–something that was not expected to happen. The final scores of the contest were 118-110 and two scores of 117-111.

This fight will go down as an instant classic. Both men were responsible for the most punches thrown in a Heavyweight in the history of CompuBox.

Arreola had been adamant in the lead up to this fight that he would retire if he lost this fight. However, with such a great performance, he just might decide to stick around a bit longer in the division.

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