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Adrien Broner Stops Khabib in 12 to Win WBA Title

Adrien Broner (31-2, 23 KOs) indicated in his pre-fight interview that on Saturday night he was planning to let his fists do the talking. He held up half of that statement and actually let his fists lead him to a victory over Khabib Allakhverdiev (19-2, 9 KOs) by a referee stoppage in the 12th and final round.

His mouth however, did it’s fair share of talking as well. The referee stoppage was due to the high amount of damage Allakhverdiev received from Broner throughout the entire fight.

From the opening rounds, Broner was able to land his shots flush to the face of Allakhverdiev with ease. Broner dominated throughout the fight, but still managed to put himself in the position to exchange with Allakhverdiev heavily in the middle rounds.

Broner, however took very little damage during these exchanges. The Cincinnati native stayed active with his punch combinations and was also able to keep his defense sharp with shoulder rolls along the ropes and solid footwork to escape.

Broner seemed to be back to his old form and put on a show with his fists as well as his mouth. Once he was comfortable with his performance in the eighth round he even took a break on the ropes to shout over to Showtime commentator, Paulie Malignaggi, and ask him “What’s Up?” Broner continued to pepper the face of Allakhverdiev with jabs and straight rights until the referee stoppage in the 12th round.

In his post-fight interview with Showtime’s Jim Grey, Broner stated he is rededicated to his craft and is open to fights at different weight classes depending on the opponent and what weight they agree on.

“It’s definitely all up to me. After that bell, no one can help me. I’m still AB, but this next half of my career I’m going to be about boxing and about business.”

Broner ended the post-fight discussion bold and highly offensive as he has often done int he past. Broner called out Ashley Theophane of Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered”]“They say my big bro, you know, the one the only, Floyd Mayweather, he say he’s got a fighter that he feels he can beat me. And if he feels like that’s true and you know I look at it like he’s only living up to TMT. He’s theoretically Mayweather thinking. But if that is true, this what you do big bro, because bosses talk to bosses. You put Ashley on one of your private jets, bring him to come see me, and I bet I bring the girl out of that boy like Bruce Jenner.” [/otw_shortcode_quote]

Adrien Broner put himself back in the win column on Saturday night and became a four-time world champion in four different weight classes.

Broner and his big mouth are back in full force and both are dedicated to their craft–rededicated like never before.

All photos by Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

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