Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner Tries to Catch Bhad Bhabie Inside Her DMs


Adriennnnnnnn! 2020 is only a few days old, but Adrien Broner has already made what could possibly be the worst call of the year.

Broner, a former multi-weight titleholder, told The Shade Room that he made an “honest mistake” when he sent Bhad Bhabie (better known as the “Catch Me Outside” girl from Dr. Phil) a DM asking her to call him.

In case you don’t know, Bhabie is 16, and Broner is 30.

“Nobody want to date a kid but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on they profile,” said Broner. “I thought she was grown the way she out here moving…” but he said it’s clearly not time to “catch her outside.”

Bhabie didn’t waste any time in putting Broner on blast.

Hopefully the next time we see Broner is in the ring and not in an underage girls DMs.

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