Amir Khan Desperately Calls Out Miguel Cotto

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Amir Khan is trying to turn to middleweight title holder, Miguel Cotto for his next fight.

It’s been a busy year so far for Amir Khan. Unfortunately, this only includes his Twitter feed, and zero ring time.

Since Khan’s last fight with Devon Alexander, the welterweight fighter has successfully called out not just reigning pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather, but also Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez and now Cotto.

All in the same tweet.

The worst part about the situation is that he’s not even really getting any return messages from any of them. Obviously Mayweather and Pacquiao are too busy watching basketball together to pay attention to anyone else right now. Cotto has called out Bradley as a Plan B for June and Marquez is sitting out with his knee injury (does Khan not know about that?).

It’s as if all of these guys are the cool 5th graders on the playground and Amir Khan is the clingy kid-brother that constantly wants to play with them.

I’m not entirely sure why Khan has now suddenly pointed his attention to Cotto. The Brit just moved into the welterweight division, after all. And sure, he’s done fine so far in the 147 pound cut off, especially after receiving an overwhelmingly nod of approval with his win against Alexander, but now middleweight?

Khan hasn’t even just called out any middleweight fighter, he’s going after the top ranked man in the division.

If Khan is in it for the money and to get his name out (for better or for worse), then sure, this could be a great fight. Maybe we’ll even see a fantastic upset here.

If Khan is in this fight because he wants a well-known realistically challenging opponent that he could show his skill off on, then he’s not fooling anyone with the Cotto fantasy fight.

Cotto may just be too versatile for “King Khan.” No one is discrediting Khan’s technique and dance skills, but when Cotto gets sick of dancing, he’s going to throw his middleweight fist down on Khan’s jaw and put him back in his place.

On top of that, Khan would be going against a switch-hitting, jab-loving, knockout-enthusiast.

All of that equals up to some dangerous waters.

We could tease the idea of a win though for Khan. The guy is really reaching for a big match, and if that does nothing else, it makes for one hungry fighter. Khan is quick, has great footwork and he isn’t ranked third on The Ring’s welterweight division list for nothing.

Bottom line though, this fight is a bad idea. Khan needs to get more comfortable in his own weight class before he starts chasing down guys two classes above him.

Calling out every top guy in his division was foolish, but calling out Cotto just seems desperate.

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