Amir Khan, Felix Verdejo and Lamont Peterson Among 25 Fighters Dropped From WBC Ratings



WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, together with VADA President Dr. Margaret Goodman, officially announced the Clean Boxing Program on May 5, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The enrollment process began on that date in which all WBC champions and the top 15 ranked contenders have to mandatorily enroll in the Clean Boxing Program (CBP).

The CBP section of random out of competition testing is administered by VADA and the unannounced testing to eligible fighters performed through the VADA process and procedures.

The enrollment process, which began on May 5, was also extended until today, as the ratings for October are being released, and those fighters who did not enroll have been taken out of the WBC ratings.

The work to get this program started has been monumental, and the WBC wishes to thank all those WBC members, promoters, managers, and many others who have actively worked to enroll all fighters. The leadership of Luis Escalona and Margaret Goodman has been exemplary.

There have been some problems, mostly with translation and language barriers, and there will certainly be adjustments during the process. There will be additional adjustments, and this will be an evolving program with the goal to provide as much protection to our athletes worldwide.

“Within 15 days of publication of the monthly ratings, any boxer entering the top 15 must directly or through his  management or promoter, through an authorized representative of the WBC’s Clean Boxing Program (CBP) must fulfill all mandatory requirements to enter the CBP. The boxer must enroll in the program, or he  shall be removed from the ratings and be unavailable to fight for any WBC-affiliated title until such time as he  properly enroll.”

The WBC is proud of its champions and challengers who have taken a step forward in this historic process to keep our sport clean and most importantly to look out for the health of our athletes and the integrity and honorability of our sport.


  1. David Haye – England – Heavyweight
  2. Jean Pascal – Canada – Light Heavyweight
  3. Jose Uzcategui – Venezuela – Super Middleweight
  4. Gabriel Rosado – USA – Middleweight
  5. Vanes Martirosyan – Armenia – Super Welterweight
  6. Daquan Arnett – USA – Super Welterweight
  7. Amir Khan – England – Welterweight
  8. Lamont Peterson – USA – Welterweight
  9. Rances Barthelemy – Cuba – Super Lightweight
  10. Felix Verdejo – Puerto Rico – Lightweight
  11. Emiliano Marsili – Italy – Lightweight
  12. Henry Lundy – USA – Lightweight
  13. Yuriorkis Gamboa – Cuba – Super Featherweight
  14. Hairon Socarras – Cuba – Featherweight
  15. Cesar Juarez – Mexico – Super Bantamweight
  16. Edivaldo Ortega – Mexico – Super Bantamweight
  17. Emanuel Navarrete – Mexico – Bantamweight
  18. Gideon Buthelezi – South Africa – Flyweight
  19. Brian Viloria – USA – Flyweight
  20. Moises Calleros – Mexico – Light Flyweight
  21. Javier Mendoza – Mexico – Flyweight
  22. Angel Acosta – Puerto Rico – Light Flyweight
  23. Janiel Rivera – Puerto Rico – Minimumweight
  24. Carlos Buitrago – Nicaragua – Minimumweight
  25. Simphiwe Khonco – South Africa – Minimumweight
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