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Amir Khan Hopes to Start Training in December

Amir Khan vs. Chris Algieri Fight Night - Marilyn Paulino RBRBoxing (54)
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According to Amir Khan (31-4, 19 KOs), he has known that his right hand has needed to be surgically repairedย for over 10 years.

He recently had the grueling surgery and is now on the road to recovery, eyeing a return in 2017.

Khan spoke with Fight Hypeย recently and detailed his surgery, which sounds painful to say the least.

“They had to put seven screws inside. They had to do two operations on it,” said Khan. “The first operation was 4 hours long and the second operation was two hours long. It was crazy, bro. I mean, the doctor could not believe I kept fighting with a hand like that. I was losing at least 60 percent power.”

Although he went into countless fights knowing that his power was not at 100 percent, he still fought and has had success.

“I was never at 100 percent in any fight. I would go into a fight knowing I’ve got hand injuries, so I have to throw more jabs. Just think about it; that’s why my jab is probably one of the best jabs in boxing because I can only use my left at 100 percent,” said Khan.

While Khan is anxious to get back into the ring with the cream of the Welterweight crop–including Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman–he is still recovering from surgery.

“They took the hip bone; they took a bone graft from my hip bone. Normally I like to do cardio to keep fit, but because of the hip bone, I can’t run. I can’t do upper body or lower body. I’m fucked both ways. I can’t run; I can’t swim. I’m in a really awkward position. But the doctors did say the healing process is going well and hopefully I’ll be fighting again in February or March,” said Khan.

Who would you like to see Amir Khan face in 2017?

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