Andre Ward

Andre Ward Officially Retires From Boxing With a Memorable Message

Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev

Andre Ward Officially Retires

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When a legend quits a career where he has achieved so much, there will not be a feeling of loss by the fans and the field he left, and that of frustration and anger by him.

It is always a feeling of fulfillment by the actor in the field and that of appreciation by the fans and the field in question.

Many people may actually disagree on how to measure achievements that will guarantee a feeling of frustration and that of fulfillment in this angle. However, this would actually be left to the person involved to decide.

One of the latest news in the world of boxing is that Andre Ward is retiring from the game. He made this announcement 3 days ago after turning 33. In getting the message to the world, he used two methods. The first one is a video titled mission accomplished, which got 779 replies, 11,691 likes, and 7,773 Retweets on Twitter.

The second is a statement on the same platform and the statement started by explaining the love he has for the boxing world. It went ahead to state that he has had the support of the boxing world right from the time he was 10. He spoke about how the game and fans tutored him, promoted him, and humbled him.

He talked about the much he has sacrificed for the game and the many he has received from it. He explained how he got a platform from the world of boxing, how he was made a champion by it, and how the game helped him to fend for his family. For all these, he proclaimed his unending gratitude.

The message went ahead to talk about how Andre and boxing cannot be separated from each other, with huge links between them at all times. The next people he appreciated in the message are the fans of the game and those he has been able to meet in the course of his career. He talked about the lasting friendships built, and how he is leaving the game on a very high note, just as he has ever desired. He is proud of his accomplishments and hopes the world is also proud of him and with him.

Just as it would be right to predict in the mr. green casino, he thanked everybody involved in his boxing journey from his innermost heart. On the reason he is quitting the game, he explained that it is no longer healthy and convenient for his body to carry on with the demands and rigors of boxing.

This he said; has reduced his desire to go on fighting. For him he has no business fighting if he cannot satisfy his fans, his family, and his team with the results. He ended the message by thanking and glorifying God who allowed him to have a great career in boxing and sustained him all this while.

It would be noted that Ward, who was born in San Francisco, had a career that saw him record 32-0 wins in boxing. 16 of those wins, it would be recalled, came by way of knockouts.

So, it is indeed a fulfilling career, and he has every right to appreciate God and men. He won many awards in his career, and had his last fight against Sergey Kovalev in June.

He defeated him through a technical knockout. He currently has The Ring Light Heavyweight title, the WBO Light Heavyweight title and the WBA and IBF titles too. He also has an Olympic Gold Medal from the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens for the United States.


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