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Andre Ward Wins Tune-Up Fight, Set for November Clash with Sergey Kovalev


Andre Ward v Alexander Brand Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, Andre Ward (30-0, 15 KOs) secured his November showdown with Sergey Kovalev by scoring a dominant unanimous decision victory against Alexander Brand (25-2, 19 KOs) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

The fight headlined a single-fight telecast of HBO Boxing in the U.S.

Ward, who had previously secured a November 19 date with Light Heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev, needed to walk away from this fight unscathed in order to secure the more lucrative fight.

Unfortunately for tonight’s viewers, that meant fighting like the 32-year-old native of Oakland always does, by fighting intelligently without taking too many risks.

Brand, although experienced as an amateur and a professional, did not have the tools to even threaten Ward, but the 39-year-old native of Colombia did make it hard for Ward to get the knock out.

“We knew this guy was going to be really hard to knock out. People have to realize that when a guy with his experience doesn’t want to get knocked out, it’s hard,” said Ward in his post-fight interview with HBO’s Max Kellerman.

“I tried to press it, didn’t get it, but it’s good to get the rounds,” said Ward.

Andre Ward v Alexander Brand Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Image Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Then, as he was joined by his next challenge, Kovalev himself, Ward was asked about his November 19 showdown and if his fight tonight, which was admittedly a tune-up, was enough for him to be ready.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years. If I’m not ready to fight the best now, I’ll never be ready,” said Ward.

“Yes, he’s ready. I’m ready too,” said Kovalev on his part. Kovalev also compared his performance against his previous opponent, Issac Chilemba, and the toughness he faced in the fight, with his upcoming date with Ward. Kovalev seems to have been suggesting that he was in for a tough twelve-rounder against Ward.

Both men were diplomatic during Ward’s post-fight interview, but fan’s can expect anything but diplomacy in their fight.

Check out the post-fight interview below, and let us know who you think will win in the comments section.

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Gabe Rivas has written for Round By Round Boxing since July of 2013. He studies Literature and Philosophy, tutors English, and teaches Boxing. Follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @GabeRivas03.

  • Eric Stone

    Thomas McNally
    November can’t come soon enough

  • Eric Stone

    lol all day, hoping Kovalev knocks his ass out

  • Micheal Brigante

    Ward is a scrub

  • Jens Christian Ring

    Ward will use the same hit, head butt and hold tactics that he used in the super six tournament.

  • Greg Richards

    Two humble champions with respect for each other! That’s what sport is about

  • Gerome Quigley Jr.

    I’m going with the Russian dude, especially if him the way he fought this dude tonight. If you couldn’t stop whatever his name is you damn sure not stopping Kovalev and it DAMN sure shouldn’t be on PPV, I’ll wait until it airs a week later

  • Ryan Dixon

    Damon Brett Will Jordon

  • Will Mohr

    Can’t wait for this !

  • Will Mohr

    GGG needs to step up and fight the winner of this fight ! That would be sick U0001f4a6U0001f4a6

  • Jordon Mohr

    Yeah ggg should go up im weight to prove he is p4p king. (Which i dont reckon he is)

  • Reagan Dessaix

    Adrian Csima It’s on!!! U0001f44aU0001f3fdU0001f4a5U0001f44aU0001f3fd David Hadfield Emery Falcon Wazzim WazidNick White

  • Janek Janis
  • Shauno Young

    Tapu Opetaia who u got??

  • Tapu Opetaia

    I’ll go Ward bro

  • Walid Raz

    Oooooooohhh can’t wait

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  • Bryce Poorter

    Your man MD Dunlop

  • Joel Shackleton

    if ward beats him he will go down as an all time great

  • Shauno Young

    Tapu Opetaia OK il go the Russian for a cartoon of beer ??

  • Conail Gallagher

    Adam Harper is our bet still on for this?

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  • Alfred Tee

    Lucky Keo your boy gonna get murdered uce U0001f602U0001f602 Seamus Brown

  • Seamus Brown

    Hahaha of course

  • Chris Conroy

    Other ways to win without the KO

  • MD Dunlop

    ward is a gun but Sergey is to strong I hope Sergey goes all the way both nice humble fighters

  • Lucky Keo

    Na Bol, best believe

  • Gerome Quigley Jr.

    Chris Conroy yea but you need something other than slick movement to keep a big puncher like Kovalev off you. Let’s not forget the Russian can box his ass off to….

  • Jacob Roca

    Looks like we on track brother Lorenzo Pascuzzo

  • Lorenzo Pascuzzo

    Hahaha was looking for this gee. Cant wait. Ward didnt even want to look at him hahahahah

  • Jacob Roca

    Andre’s a boss.

  • Alex Ander

    Kobalev by TKO 8th rd

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    Ward wins UD, Kovalev don’t have anything Ward hasn’t seen before.

  • Manuel Ortega III

    Funny how ppl saying “oh ward couldnt stop this nobody ” dude brand has never been stopped and ward not known for his ko power anyways you can please everyone #team SOG AW #1

  • Emmanuel Berdecia Cortes

    Kovalev is not as versatile as Ward…more than likely will get smothered and outworked on the inside similar to the Froch fight. Brand has never been stopped and Ward only has a 50% KO rate…he did what he does best, manage distance, make adjustments and take you to school for 12.

  • Emmanuel Berdecia Cortes

    You mean inside smothering tactics? Only an idiot would let a power puncher tee off on them…it takes skill to negate your opponent’s best weapon.

  • Jens Christian Ring

    Emmanuel Berdecia Cortes as long as it is inside the rules. Ward disqualified anywhere outside USA

  • Robert Martin

    Where is this fight taking places @ (more then likely Vegas like always

  • Muzamil Kasi

    ๐Ÿ˜ญ Pengen๐Ÿ˜ท komen๐ŸŽŽ di๐ŸŽ nomer๐Ÿน Tiga๐Ÿ’พ tapi๐ŸŒต dah๐Ÿ™ keduluan๐ŸŽ maโค Eric๐Ÿ‘ฏ Stone
    :* Tidur nnti bsok ksiangan Round By Round Boxing
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Sunday : 7 – August – 2016
    :3 RobOt CReadet

  • Eriko Arias

    They both had bad tune up fights. It’s going to be good fight. Kovalev is not froch so you can compare. I see both Andre and Kovalev train. Kovalev knows how to box and he hits hard. Andre has good boxing skills and speed but does lack power. Only downside. For Kovalev I say movement but he does know how to cut off the ring. Both have their ups and downs. Can’t say who will win but I can say it will be a good fight.

  • Antoine Carney

    Kovalev shouldn’t try & fight Ward like he did Chilemba. Ward is too Crafty

  • Conor Monaghan

    Yes he does lol.

  • Paul Lynch

    Let the debate commence U0001f440

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    Nice rebuttal U0001f44cU0001f3fb

  • Conor Monaghan

    Youre telling me Ward has faced someone as powerful and as explosive as Kovalev?

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    The same guy that dropped Kovalev. Duh

  • Ralph R Rivera

    Jerinald Powell ready?

  • Jack Gray

    Brad Fraser Leighton Heslop this will be a class fight

  • Warren Harris

    Doesn’t have to stop him to win, this is boxing there is a such thing as decision, ask Floyd Mayweather…..Boxing is much more than the knockout, Ward won every round in that fight and dude landed an average of only four punches a round on Ward, in boxing that is called dominating a fight.

  • Phil Corral

    Andre ward looks scared, lol. He’s a chump

  • Ed Thepoet Carter

    Ward will win Easy

  • Dontez Blue

    Franklin Begay Jr. He dropped ward too. They both beat him though

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    Dontez Blue yup

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    Boone also said ggg hits harder than Sergey Kovalev

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    That was my point Dontez Blue

  • Omar Mariam

    Omzz Jones Andrew Solo Dolo Haidar best fighter in my error andre ward U0001f44a

  • Conor Monaghan

    Who cares what Boone said? You said Kovalev doesny have anything that Ward hasnt seen before which is a lot of shite

  • Franklin Begay Jr.

    Boone fought both Kovalev and Ward, dropped them both. Please tell us what Kovalev has that Ward hasn’t seen???

  • Budi Alamsyah

    I believe there will be 3 times fights

  • Kiman Learmond

    Ward will surprise people he is alot bigger then you think.

  • Du’Shawn Falls

    I’m glad he’s past the bs with old management now it’s his time to shine even more Light Heavyweight is coming Cali is going to be in the building that night