Andrew Cancio Does it Again, Stops Alberto Machado In The Third

Cancio Stops Machado in Rematch
Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

When Alberto Machado (21-2, 17 KOs) was stopped in the fourth round against Andrew Cancio (21-4-2, 16 KOs) earlier this year, it was considered a fluke.

Machado not only lost his undefeated record, but also his WBA Super Featherweight title in the process. An immediate rematch was booked, and a different result was expected.

On June 22, 2019, Cancio proved the first fight was no fluke.

Machado, just like in their first contest, came out strong. He managed to keep his distance and take advantage of Cancio’s aggression.

But everything fell apart in the third round.

When these two first met earlier in the year, it was the body punching of Cancio that prevailed. He made it his business to attack the body non stop and it led him to victory.

This time around, Cancio did the exact same thing. It took the current champion two rounds to remember his keys to victory, but once he did, the fight took a major turn.

During the early portions of the third round, Cancio landed a terrific left hook to the body of Machado. It seemed to have a delayed effect on Machado as it took several seconds for him to go down. The former champion dropped down to a knee soon after.

As the referee began his count, it seemed as though Machado would make to his feet. He did, but it was too late. The referee waved off the contest.

It appears as though this is the end of Machado as a champion or a viable threat in the division. As for Cancio, he had a message for his doubters and his fellow champions in his weight class.

“I told you guys I was going to knock him out again,” said Cancio during his post fight in ring interview. “I was going for the head, but the body was there so I took it. I told you guys that it wasn’t a fluke. I’m here to stay at 130 pounds. Let’s bring on the other world champions and make some great fights out there.”

Cancio has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the division. He says he wants to fight the other world champions in the division, so let’s make it happen.

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