Benefits Of Speed Bag Training & Our Favorite Speed Bag Workout

Boxing Speed Bag Training



You’ve likely seen professional fighters hit a variety of bags. While some are designed to strengthen their punches, others can help improve their reflexes. Speed bags fit into the latter category. They’re great for improving your cardio, eye and hand coordination, and reflexes. While it may look easy, it is not. 

By mastering the speed bag workout, you’ll perform much better in and out of the ring. Below, you’re going to learn more about the major benefits of speed bag training and the top speed bag workouts.


Benefits Of Speed Bag Training



Shredding Your Shoulders


If you want to be a dominant force in the ring, you’ll want to look your best. Your appearance can intimidate your opponent. If you’re ripped, your opponent would be able to keep his nerve. He’ll cower down and you’ll be able to put a beating on him very quickly. 

With that being said, speed bag training is excellent for developing shredded shoulders. If you want to create the perfect V-shape, you’ll want to hit the speed bag more often. This is one of the main reasons boxers have that V-shape.


Burn Fat


To become a professional boxer, you’ll need discipline. You’ll need to work diligently to enhance your physical fitness. One thing you’ll need to do is to burn fat quickly and sculpt your body. To do that, you’ll want to use the speed bag to your advantage.

Speed bags can help you develop amazing speed and power. Furthermore, you’ll be able to burn more calories than running and cycling. Since speed bags are inexpensive and easy to install, you can easily use one at home.


Learning To Fight


Everyone should learn how to fight. You never know when you’re going to encounter a threat on the street. If you can fight, you’ll be able to subdue that threat quickly.

This is why you’ll want to start working out on a speed bag. Hitting the bag constantly will deliver innumerable positives. After a few weeks, your strength will begin to increase.

Your hand speed will improve as well. This combination will make you a fierce competitor. Whether you’re defending yourself on the streets or you’re getting into a cage or ring, you’ll want to use speed training to improve your fighting skills.


Enhancing Stamina


At the end of the day, a lot of professionals struggle with their stamina. They focus too much on strength and power. Then, they get into the ring and get tired within a few rounds. Once they’re winded, they’ll take a beating because it’ll become difficult for them to defend themselves. You don’t want to repeat these mistakes. By using a speed training back, you’ll be able to avoid this problem. 

This type of exercise will greatly enhance your strength and speed. It’ll also improve your stamina. Once you have an endless gas tank, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to finish the round with any opponent.

You can beat many people simply by outworking them. Start hitting the speed bag and your gas tank will improve gradually.


Improve Speed And Reflexes


To be a successful fighter, you need to learn how to slip and dodge punches. If you can’t do that, you’re going to get hit too often and you’ll go down without putting up a fight. With that being said, you need to learn how to move and defend yourself. 

Speed bag training is excellent for this purpose because it can help you increase your speed and reflexes. When you’re able to dodge the speed bag and hit it back, you’ll be ready to dodge punches from any opponent.

You’ll be able to swat your opponent’s punches away with ease. This will make it much easier for you to defend yourself in the ring.


Staying Healthy


Speed bag training is great for boxers and ordinary individuals. With this type of training, you’ll be able to improve your health and reduce your risk of developing degenerative diseases. It helps improve the brain’s functions in all motor patterns while preventing atrophying. Suffice to say, speed bag training is a great way to stay fit. Not only will it keep you physically fit but it’ll keep your mind sharp as well.


Our Favorite Speed Bag Workout


We here at Round By Round Boxing do have a favorite when it comes to speed bag workouts. But first, before you can do this workout, you will have to get a couple things in order to get started.


Equipment You’ll Need


Speed Bag – The most obvious piece of equipment that you will need is a speed bag. Without a speed bag how do you expect to get a workout in?


Speed Bag Platform – This is essential in order to set up your speed bag. A platform is what holds the speed bag in place, it looks like this. A speed bag platform is usually mounted via your wall or ceiling. The bag itself attaches to the platform via a speed bag swivel.


MMA Gloves – MMA gloves are going to be best for speed bag training because they are not heavy and are thin enough to allow you to get the best punches and feel for the speed bag. 


Strength Routine


Using a speed bag is an excellent way to improve your strength. However, you’ll need to train properly to achieve this goal. You need to follow in the footsteps of greats such as Tyson and Ali. First, you’ll want to inflate the speed bag enough to get rid of the creases.

Then, you should assume your fighting stance. You should punch the speed bag and watch as it hits the background. Be sure to count it. You’ll want to hit the bag until you get the same rebounds. For instance, if the bag hits the backboard five times, you’ll want to repeat that again.

You should hit the bag ten times and make sure it hits the backboard five times each time. You can switch between arms as well. With practice, you’ll be able to hit the bag harder and for longer.


Speed Routine


You’ll also want to use the speed bag to enhance your speed. While this workout is similar to the one above, you’ll want to focus on throwing punches in bunches. You should set the timer to 30 seconds. Start by punching at a medium pace. 

Try to count how many times you’ve hit the bag during that round. If you’ve hit it 35 times, you’ll want to hit it 35 more times in the next round. As you improve your speed and routine, you’ll want to increase your punches. Keep it up and you’ll be ready to take on the pros.


Endurance Routine


Finally, you’ll want to take advantage of the endurance routine. With this one, you’ll want to participate in a 5-minute round. During that round, you should hit the bag as many times as you can. Don’t stop and don’t slow down. Repeat this process over and over until your stamina is out of this world.

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