Boxing Betting Guide – Overview Of Boxing Bet Strategy

Boxing Betting Guide

How much do you love boxing? While there are a good many football lovers around the world, it’s no secret that boxing stands out on its own.

It’s one sport that has been played for a long time today, and you’ve players from nearly every country around the world.

Boxing and betting go way back when it comes to placing wagers. However, when you compare it to other sports such as football, basketball, or rugby, it does not fair well. Many punters believe that boxing matches are fixed and rigged.

One of the most famous rigged boxing fights was during the Seoul 1988 Olympics. Roy Jones Jr. was fighting against South Korea’s Park Si-Hun.

Although Jones delivered 86 punches against his opponent’s 32 punches, Si-Hun was declared the winner. It was later found out that three out of the ten judges had been bribed.

However, over the past couple of years, the integrity of the sport has been regained. If you want to become a pro in betting on boxing then here one strategy which will keep at the top your game.

Match Odds Strategy

The most popular form of betting in boxing is choosing to match the odds. In this case, you have to decide who will win the fight or if it will be a draw.

However, for you to make a final prediction, you will need to do some research. There are a lot of resources which you can check, but online can be more comfortable and faster.

Some of the information that you need to look into includes:

  1. The number of times both fighters have won matches. Check the last two or three fights to determine who is at their prime. In this case, the prime age is the number of years that they have been on the ring.  Which fighter is still in their prime? If you identify each fighter’s prime age, then you can determine how much mileage they have.
  2.  The fighters work ethic. This includes what they eat, their training camp, and the drama that is revolving in their lives. For instance, a boxer like Bernard Hopkins has a better work ethic than most fighters.
  3. The caliber of opponents they have beat, and they have lost to.
  4. The damage they have faced in their last fights. A boxer who has been in too many matches will likely become damaged goods once they face an opponent of a higher caliber. For instance when you have Jose Luis Castillo facing Ricky Hatton who is likely to win? Hatton will walk away as a champion because Castillo is damaged goods, he has been in so many fights that reap him apart.
  5. The distance covered.
  6. The politics or the location of the bout. A home friend can have a significant influence on the results of a fight.
  7. Did a fighter struggle to make the weight?
  8. Have the two fighters met before?

These are some of the things you should consider if you want to find value in your bet when it comes to matching odds.

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