Boxing Gaming Fans Eagerly Await Fight Night Round 5

Fight Night Champions

Is EA Sports Planning to Release a Next-Gen Fight Night?

When you think about boxing video games, it is highly likely that EA Sports’ Fight Night series springs into your mind.

The franchise has undoubtedly been the most successful boxing game to date, with memorable titles offering high quality boxing gaming action to fans across the globe.

However, since the release of the last game, Fight Night Champions back in 2011, there has been anticipation surrounding the arrival of the boxing series to new generation consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rumors are now surfacing that an announcement regarding such an arrival could well be around the corner, however in the meantime, here are some of the best boxing games from all platforms, including online pokies for those of you looking to win big through your love of the sport.

Despite the Nintendo Wii craze having all but died, one of the most successful games on the platform was undoubtedly boxing.

Despite not matching up to the likes of PlayStation in terms of graphics, the ability to physically throw punches and enjoy some form of workout while defeating your opponent certainly proved enjoyable for many users.

However, for those of you who enjoy a less strenuous form of boxing, Lucky Nugget Casino provide various forms of different slots games around boxing, with the chance of pocketing some extra cash from gaming proving popular with many gamers.

The Rocky themed slot game will certainly have you ducking and diving at online pokies.

For those of you who prefer using your mobile device to partake in boxing gaming, the Real Boxing series is certainly not one to miss.

The game provides an exhilarating, realistic and enjoyable alternative to other platforms, ensuring that you feel every jab, uppercut and hook like you were in the ring.

The game is also available on PC, and although not being on a par with Fight Night, more than satisfies your boxing gaming needs while you wait for the new version from EA Sports.

Finally, and offering a different style for boxing fans, Punch Club is a story driven management simulator, and with the opportunity to enhance your skills and learn your craft in the industry, it has proved hugely popular with gamers already.

A retro feel with modern day gameplay, along with the creative storyline of solving your father’s murder, provides all the necessary features for any good boxing game.

What is your favorite boxing video game? Let us know with a comment below!

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