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It’s Showtime versus YouTube in this bout that has us all wondering, what is Floyd “Money” Mayweather thinking?

Oh yeah, he’s thinking about amassing more money.

It’s perhaps one of the most unnecessary athletic competitions in the history of athletic competitions. Even Logan Paul himself admitted that the boxing match makes no sense. I guess for Mayweather, the math works out, though.

Another Payday for “Money”

If we are to believe the prospective purse for the fight, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will get five million dollars upfront, plus 50 percent of the pay per view earnings.

On the flip side, Logan Paul will get 200 thousand dollars upfront and five percent of the pay per view sales. Some might read this and be upset by the discrepancy. If so, let me remind you that Paul Logan is ​not​ actually a professional boxer, though he claims it.

Sure, he was catapulted into a single ‘professional’ fight without ever having an amateur career – a fight which he lost, I might add. But that ​pro f​ ight wasn’t against a pro fighter; it was against another YouTuber. So, it’s all BS. He hasn’t even paid the same amount of dues as any amateur fighter from any fight gym around the world.

His claim to fame is literally reaction videos and pranks on YouTube. He became famous by going viral for ​filming a dead body in the ‘Suicide Forrest’​ at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Wow … he really dedicated himself to something and has proven himself to be the best of the best and of being worthy of a massive payday in the realm of athletics. So, yeah, with Pay Per View factored in, he will easily see more than a half-million-dollar payday.

“It Makes No F$%*ing Sense”

These are the words that came directly from the lips of Logan Paul in an interview with Brandon Schaub. He went on to say that he actually thought he was signing a BS, fantasy contract, a pipe-dream.

Let’s look at more of the nonsensical nature of this matchup:

  • Experience: Floyd Mayweather is 50 and 0 with 27 knockouts. Logan Paul is 0-1, losing by split decision to another YouTuber.
  • Size: Floyd Mayweather is 5’8” and 147 pounds with a 72-inch reach. Logan Paul is 6’2”, 190 pounds with a 76-inch reach.
  • Age: Money Mayweather is 43 years old. Maverick Paul is 25.
  • Mayweather is perhaps the greatest fighter of all time. Paul Logan lost his one fight to aYouTuber – not even an actual boxer.

The absurdity of this fight is apparent when you break down these four simple elements. The only thing left to determine is will the actual fight be staged or not?Even at 43 years of age, there is simply no chance that Paul Logan can hit Mayweather.

The boxing ​odds at top online sportsbooks vary​, but they are in the range of -100,000 for Floyd Mayweather. That means, if you want to bet on Floyd, you’d have to drop 100gs to win $100. That said, I’m now finding odds at -5000 for Mayweather and +2000 for Logan Paul.

What Will Happen in the Fight?

Floyd will toy with him. He’ll pepper Logan with shots mostly to the body and make Logan look silly when he tries to hit the best defensive fighter ever. It will go to a decision. And Floyd will win. It’s not that I don’t think that Mayweather can’t knock Paul out, even with brittle hands, but because I don’t think he wants to or needs to. Heck, they might even have a take it easy on me clause in the contract.

Meanwhile, ​after beating Nate Robinson​, Jake Paul (Logan’s brother) is taking shots at MMA fighters Dillon Danis and Connor McGregor. Ok … bad idea, buddy. Connor respects Mayweather, but he doesn’t respect ‘YouTube guy.’ If that fight went down, I have no doubt that McGregor would knock Jake Paul out cold. Heck, even Dillon Danis, who only has two UFC fights under his belt, would destroy Jake Paul. That is a fight I would actually want to see.

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