Broner vs. Molina: Distractions are ‘The Problem’ for Broner

Adrien Broner - Esther Lin

Love him or hate him, March 7 marks the return of the controversial, but cocksure Light Welterweight star Adrien “The Problem” Broner.

Broner faces off against the exciting slugger John Molina Jr., six months on since his previous endeavor versus Emmanuel Taylor ended in a far-from-perfect points victory.

Both men find themselves at a significant crossroads in their respective careers for very different reasons. Molina is coming off two straight defeats, aiming to continue competing at the top level, while Broner is failing to live up to the hype that was previously bestowed upon him and annoyingly rammed down our throats.

Can Broner produce the form that made him Floyd Mayweather’s heir apparent, or can John Molina prove he is far from done, claiming a massive scalp by ending The Problem’s promise?

Many would agree that Broner is an exceptional young talent with a multitude of potential. Yet, the unexplainable antics shown by Broner outside the ring are not what you would normally associate with a professional athlete.

The Cincinnati native is commonly likened to his so-called “Big Brother,” Mayweather, who has also encountered many struggles outside of boxing. Unlike countless other sports men though, the pound-for-pound king is able to keep his personal life at ringside, allowing him to flourish inside of it.

Unfortunately, Broner is a poor man’s Mayweather, but it is still extremely frustrating to witness the 25 year old’s premature decline, because the fighter who once demolished Antonio DeMarco so emphatically is long gone. What is left is simply an empty shell where a good fighter once resided.

Broner is clearly destroying his own legacy by allowing the countless distractions outside the ring compromise his performances, which is a shame really. Nevertheless, it is not too late to turn it around; although a win against Molina is unquestionably imperative.

Matthysse-Molina-Esther Lin
Photo by Esther Lin

The Californian pugilist John Molina Jr. is a relentless, come-forward pressure fighter whose tremendous heart is undeniable. The former world-title challenger preys on his opponents vulnerabilities, smothering the unfortunate souls with every punch in the book, forcing them to give way to the strain of his attacks.

Despite this, Molina is coming off two devastating defeats at the hands of both Lucas Matthysse and Humberto Soto and although he carried no shame out of either bout, it has cast an element of doubt over the longevity of the Californian’s future at world level.

Having said that, Molina could very well have another stellar display within him that will ultimately see him solve the infamous problem. In the end, the result will depend on what mood the former three-weight world champion is in on the night, as it could very easily be a spellbinding clinic or a mediocre, lackluster showing.

Undoubtedly, Adrien Broner’s problems lie outside of the place that could have easily made him great, the ring. But, the aforementioned problems that follow him have grown to create a very heavy burden, which hangs around his neck like a two-ton medallion.

For that reason, John Molina Jr. certainly has a shot on March 7 as Broner is definitely more vulnerable since he was bulldozing his way through the weight classes. Therefore, Molina will be hoping to replicate the unexpected feat achieved by Marcos Maidana back in 2013, by exposing the once promising 25-year-old star.

So whether you tune in on March 7 simply to witness Broner get one hell of a beating, embarrassed or even to win, you cannot help but watch him, warts and all.

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