Can Mikey Garcia vs. Manny Pacquiao Seriously Happen?

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Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia (34-0, 28 KOs) and Manny “Pac ManPacquiao (55-5-2, 38 KOs) are two of boxing’s biggest stars. Many have expressed their desire to see the two faceoff, but can this fight seriously happen?

Young hungry contenders colliding with established veterans clearly puts boxing at a point where it’s time for the passing of the guard. With the current limitations of matchups due to promotional issues, it appears that boxing promoters are scrambling to give fans the mega fights they want to see.

It would be fair to say that at age 26, Garcia has not yet reached his prime. He is currently in the position to expand on his success by attempting to climb the ladder in the upper weight classes.

Traditionally, smaller fighters must climb up to the Welterweight division to earn their superstar status.

Not only is this a goal of athleticism, but a huge financial growth, should they become successful. Garcia has thus far been battle tested and is currently gaining momentum is the popularity polls amongst fans.

It is no secret that current Top Rank and SMS promoters are attempting to come to a sensible deal regarding a fight between Garcia and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

Mikey Garcia vs Yuriorkis Gamboa
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Should this happen, Garcia will enter the ring with Gamboa in May of 2014. Many will argue that this will be the biggest challenge of Garcia’s career. Although the official announcement has not been made, it is very probable that this 12 round bout is a go.

Pacquiao needs little introduction, although he is not undefeated, he is known as an elite fighter in the boxing community. The Filipino icon has conquered some of boxing’s biggest historical battles in past years.

Pacquiao’s speed, power, accuracy, and footwork are phenomenal attributes that contribute too his success.

The eight-time world champion is on the path to overcome his shocking loss to Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8, 2012.

Many threw in the towel on Pacquiao after this fight, but the strong willed warrior had something else in mind.

His latest domination of Brandon Rios on December 24, 2013 has landed Pac Man on the road to redemption. Pacquiao is set to face nemesis Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley on April 12, 2014 in an attempt to reverse a decision that so many viewed as one of the most horrific judging mishaps in the history of boxing.

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So how does all of this lead to Pacquiao vs. Garcia?

Well, first things first, they both must exit the ring victorious in the next few months for a mega fight to remain a possibility.

Even if that becomes the case, is it even probable to make the fight happen?

While looking at the possibility, it would only be fair to factor in a very important element, which is time. Although Garcia is likely to remain in professional boxing for years to come, Pacquiao’s hour glass is running out.

The reality of it all is that the calendar year simply makes this potential matchup very unlikely. As it stands now, Pacquiao and Garcia will both likely only schedule two fights in 2014.

With Garcia moving up in weight class, there is a time table that must occur in each weight class to remain successful.

As Garcia moves up, so does the level of hard hitting competition. We have seen in recent bouts that thus far, Garcia has been able to withstand the power. However, Garcia is not immune from being dropped to the canvas if he’s not careful.

Looking at the calendar year, it is not even probable that Garcia would enter the Light Welterweight division until as early as spring of 2015. Keeping that in mind, the most likely scenario for this fight to happen would be a catch weight agreement between 140 and 147 pounds.

Given that the Garcia camp is very patient and concise in their quest to the top, it is hard to see them changing the pace to rush things now.

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Even if Garcia schedules his first Light Welterweight bout next calendar year, the chances of doing so at a catch weight with a bigger Pacquiao would simply be too risky.

At best, if all the cards played out correctly, an event featuring these two stars would not seem promising until fall of 2015.

The next question that comes to mind is, will Pacquiao still be available by that time?

It would be fair to say that this possibility remains 50/50.

There are simply too many business factors that currently stand in the way of this potential matchup. Although hype sells, placing these two names in the same pot at this current time would be premature.

Are the two destined to collide? Anything is possible, but then again, time waits for no one.


Header photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

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