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Canelo Alvarez Brutally Knocks Out Amir Khan in Round 6


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 07: Canelo Alvarez poses with the WBC Middleweight belt during the WBC middleweight title fight at T-Mobile Arena on May 7, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images) Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, WBC, RING and Lineal Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (47-1-1, 33 KOs) scored a brutal one-punch knockout victory against former Super Lightweight world titlist Amir Khan (31-4, 19 KOs) at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The scheduled 12-rounder headlined a night of boxing that was televised via HBO PPV.

Alvarez, 25, had a tough start as Khan unleashed quick one-two combinations in the opening round. The speed seemed to bother the Mexico native at first.

Khan, 29, used a quick jab and a lot of lateral movement to set up his quick combinations. The native of the UK demonstrated his speed and skill in the way he was able to consistently outland Alvarez in the first two rounds.

Beginning in Round 3, however, Alvarez slowly began finding his offense, working from shots to the body and landing hooks and right hands to the top. As the rounds progressed, so did Khan’s fatigue.

“He is a fast fighter, and I knew things would be complicated in beginning, but I knew they would come to my favor as the fight went on,” said Alvarez.

However, it was not only his size advantage that helped Canelo in Rounds 3 and 4; it was also his boxing skill. Alvarez would then begin to defend right hands with either a slip or a roll of his chin before coming back to the body with shots that seem to hurt Khan.

“People have known me only for my power. I have many more qualities in the ring and I showed that. I think people saw more of me tonight. Someone that comes in to box gives you more trouble and someone that comes right in is a little easier to fight,” said Alvarez.

Indeed, in Round 6, Alvarez feinted Khan with a jab to the body before unleashing a thunderous right hand that immediately knocked Khan out.

Khan fell flat on the ground and even bounced his head on the floor. A concerned Alvarez quickly went to his side on his knees, but Khan was okay within moments.

“Although I feel strong at this weight, I am naturally a lighter fighter and plan to go back down to welterweight. But, I like to challenge myself and that is why I took this fight,” said Khan, who spent the rest of his post-fight interview marketing a fight between Gennady Golovkin and Alvarez.

“I think it’s time for Canelo to step up to GGG, just like I stepped up to fight him,” said Khan.

Indeed, all eyes are now on Alvarez, who must face his WBC mandatory challenger in Golovkin. If he chooses not to, he will be stripped of his WBC title.

In his post-fight interview with HBO’s Max Kellerman, Alvarez said he does not fear anyone and that he was willing to fight Golovkin.

“Like we say in Mexico ‘we don’t fuck around.’ I don’t fear anyone; we don’t come to play in this sport. I fear no one in this sport. Right now I would put on the gloves again and fight him,” said Alvarez.

Whether or not the fight will actually happen this year remains to be seen, but it’s the biggest fight that can be made in boxing.

If made, who do you think wins?

Check out Alvarez’s post-fight interview below:


Gabe Rivas has written for Round By Round Boxing since July of 2013. He studies Literature and Philosophy, tutors English, and teaches Boxing. Follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @GabeRivas03.

  • Chiko Escudero

    Khan you did show heart & balls my respect to you SR.

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  • El Danny Barajas

    He try to drink but the bottle was close U0001f602U0001f602

  • Frankie Durham

    reality check Khan you’re shite

  • Raul Torres

    Rob Salazar Mike Gutierrez it’s gonna happen… Relax

  • Rob Salazar

    Heard that after the cotto fight I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Freddy Barrera

    Melchor Paz what you think

  • Lionel Martinez

    Kahn fought a great fight. He got caught with that right. It wasn’t like canelo was dominating the entire fight. Canelo does well against brawlers not against guys that come in and actually box. Props to Kahn for stepping up to the plate and I’ve never really been a fan of his. Now I am

  • Alexander Muñoz

    I honestly thought khan was dead.

  • Melchor Paz

    It was an ok fight but if Canelo gonna fight ggg in September triple ggg will win

  • Freddy Barrera

    Bet gamaniel U0001f602

  • Melchor Paz

    He’s gonna start shadow boxing haha U0001f602

  • Freddy Barrera

    Haha U0001f602U0001f602 but if they do fight we should watch it

  • Angel Cortez Ortega

    Puro #teamCanelo una más Victoria arriva Mi México

  • Melchor Paz

    If it happens Will watch it in my pad

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  • Mike Gutierrez

    Lmao he won’t fight Gplovkin. This Canelo I watched is no match for golovkin.

  • Mike Gutierrez

    As of right now. Canelo has 15 days to decide whether Canelo fights Golovkin or be stripped off the WBC strap.

  • Rob Salazar

    Yep if not that belt goes by by to GGG if he doesn’t fight him Canelo is a bitchhhh

  • Mike Gutierrez

    You heard his comment tonight bruh I’ll put the gloves on tonight says Canelo. Watch him put that 155 catchweight, 90/10 split, “I’m not a middleweight” comment as usual lol

  • Rob Salazar

    Lmao he said the same thing after the cotto fight I’ll fight GGG right now….choses khan a welterweight lmao

  • Vadim Djatschenko

    Christian Quatschen könn die ja xD
    Ma sehen wanns denn wirklich soweit ist.

  • Mike Gutierrez

    And Amir khan was outboxing Canelo lmao

  • Mike Gutierrez

    U0001f602 Golovkin gonna make Canelo backpedal.

  • Rickyboi Atown

    Tf does triple G gta do with diz? Bitch

  • Jorge Di Reyes

    Esta pesado el canelo Jose Bermudez

  • Mike Gutierrez
  • Rob Fuath

    Michael Moran its on!!!

  • Siegfried Mendoza

    Jon S Joven Franz Leviste Rebecca M. Mendoza
    OMG, listen to the whole interview. Here we go!!! GGG vs Canelo!!!!
    Boom!!! PPV time! This year he said! Let’s go!!!!

  • Michael Mason

    Smantha Samantha Potts listen to the way he says mexico near the end

  • Christian Harms

    Ich hoffe zeitnah 😀

  • Rick Sanchez

    What about Trout, Angulo, Cotto? You forgot to name all those.

  • Nelson Ekoh

    let us sing this nursey rhyme together “hickenello ducks at GGG quack, quack, quack & away he flew”

  • Pádraig Murphy

    Jamie Walsh now that would be a fight worth watching? U0001f62f

  • Jamie Walsh

    We might get that!

  • Pádraig Murphy

    The one thing guaranteed with those 2 is they won’t do a mayweather and run away anyway? Some knockout by canelo last night!

  • David Torres

    Daniel Hernandez Beltran he’ll yeah listen

  • Dustin Smith

    Careful what you wish for Canelo

  • Phine Parcon

    When ppl say khan got glass chin.

  • Mquez Melzmelz

    Jajajajaja … damz nvr seen canelo like this pero ehh chulo mi wero U0001f602U0001f602

  • Kevin Bridgeforth

    When will he fight guys his size? It’s funny to watch a guy fight smaller fighters and then says he fears no one.

  • Yilsi Morales

    No ur wrong i bet you right now hes gona lose

  • Yilsi Morales

    40 $ baby

  • Yilsi Morales

    Fine deal 50 it is

  • Yilsi Morales

    Yeah okay if u say so

  • Jose Ramirez

    Who said he’s fighting GGG. He wants pacriods for his next fight U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602. Or maybe another 140 pounder lol

  • Stevie Lopez

    Ivan Dragovich the fight is on with triple g now bro

  • MisterDee Gallegos

    For a minute i thought you were describing Mayweather. Lol

  • Judith Alvarez

    Steve Steve Castro

  • Non Fiktion

    Like triple g ?? Lol he’ll beat his bitch ass too. When wil triple g fight someone that has a name ?? Who tha hell has he fought? I’ll wait…

  • David Garcia

    Nicole Cadena ay te ablan watch it all

  • Erick Flores

    Good thing i speak both lenguages because that translator sucks big bolas!

  • Miguel Soto

    Shykuko Cuadras COMO LA VES HIJO?

  • Kevin Bridgeforth

    Canelo “catch weight” Alvarez! I’m waiting too! Lol

  • Jose Briseno

    Gabriela Caballero Luis Luis Sanchez

  • Daniel Carr

    Beverly- the world is ready for this fight. Major props to Virgil and Amir for showing respect towards G

  • David Garcia

    He said it all

  • Beverly M Murray

    Daniel Carr…when you tag me in things like this and I read comments such as the one by Rickybol….it takes everything I have to not rip him a new u know does g got to do with it? HE WANTS HIS BELT!

  • mojos55

    GabeRivas03 RBRBoxing Sorry to see this Amir Khan x

  • Ronnie L Slovak

    Eddie Slovak let’s see what happens

  • Shykuko Cuadras

    Jajajaja pues ojala q se aga

  • Miguel Soto


  • Eliseo Mendez Gonzalez

    Just like people want canelo to go up and fight GGG. Triple G should also move up and fight Ward

  • Jesse Bautista

    They ain’t duckin fool. They just hyping the fight up…chill

  • Guadalupe Franco

    Puro orgullo Mexicano

  • Ivan Dragovich

    Stevie Lopez it looks that way but canelo wants to fight at 155 lb what is that ?

  • Eddie Ramirez

    I got 500$ on Canelo Alvarez..triple ggg is a good boxer but those not have the experience like Canelo. Where’s mayweather talking about being the greatest boxer and dodging great talent of boxers that are left. Julio Cesar Chavez feared know one in the square circle

  • Mariano Jr Romero

    Lol loved the fact they were butt hurt and are in hopes of Canelo getting beat my GGG

  • Nicole Cadena

    He lost he lost there just mad cause he lost he doesn’t have to talk about canelo and GGG fighting lol

  • Robert Charles

    GGG has fought no one.

  • Allen Lafayette Newsome

    Virgil should have told GGG to fight Andre Ward.

  • Phil Jenko Jenkins

    Really stop hiding they say why is he hiding from brook then to scare he get knocked out again U0001f44aU0001f635U0001f602

  • Bob Anderson

    You World class yourself, you mug…U0001f605U0001f605U0001f605

  • Anthony Ukeh

    I’m sure Canelo want to fight GGG, and he said it many times, so why the fight waiting?

  • Tom Curtis

    G is gonna whoop is as Seabass

  • Luis Sierra

    Jose Gonzalez, Robert Lewis i told you guy’s khan is going to get knocked out before 8 round and i told my boy Bryan by 6 raund

  • Mark Lyons

    Think Oscar has a thing for Canelo U0001f633

  • Byron Carrey

    GGG will never fight because canelo can box

  • Melissa Reyes

    Am I the only one who can’t stand that translator… He sucks!! U0001f44eU0001f3fc

  • Lucho Gonzalez

    Valeria Guzman Ramos GGG next

  • Shawn Mathews

    Big mismatch laughing my ass off

  • Shawn Mathews

    Don’t know what size Advantage are you talking about

  • David Buckingham

    Can’t wait to see this fight between him and GGG

  • Anthony Ukeh

    Byron Carrey but he want to fight Canelo and not catch weight, 160 is middleweight weight limit, if Canelo want catch weight he should drop that WBC belt.

  • Jose Correa

    Edgar Rios I didn’t see this

  • Eddie Navarro

    This fool just hating cause he lost a bet hahaha you loser!U0001f602 you obviously don’t know boxing and what actual mismatching is. Khans style of fighting just didn’t have a chance against the best, Canelo.

  • Eddie Navarro

    Kevin Bridgeforth ur stupid foolU0001f602U0001f602 Canelo is a savage. You can put anyone infront of him and he’ll smash them up. Hahaha

  • Eddie Navarro

    Ggg is a nobody until he fights Canelo, and gets his ass beat. Canelo #1 is too much savage . U0001f602U0001f602

  • Eddie Navarro

    He’s behind the best. #1

  • Rigo Vasquez

    Im with u

  • Eddie Navarro

    Nope, just like you and khan both need more experience. He took the risk, had the balls to fight the best, buuuut he lost. It was expected cause Canelo is just that savage, and khan fought like a scared bitch let’s not beat around the bush lmao Julian Padilla

  • Kevin Bridgeforth

    He didn’t smash Floyd! Why does he fight at catch weights them genius? It’s shame you won’t be on FB when GGG crushes your dude. Lol.

  • Kevin Bridgeforth

    Shawn Mathews it’s. called a “scale”!

  • Jorge Sandoval

    Big mouth black guys, all the same around the world!

  • Shawn Mathews

    Why didn’t Mayweather go up in weight to fight Canelo he had to get that catch weight didn’t he

  • Shawn Mathews

    They weighed in at the same scale weight called the “same”

  • Sean Coleman

    It’s about time Khan hung his gloves tbh he’s embarrassing to English boxing

  • Maria Lopez

    I dont believe no more win that they want be winner!!!

  • Ileana Isabella Ley

    At 1:55 of the video!!! It was so loud where I ended up watching the fight last night, but this is it right here… omgosh Enoc they’re gonna make the fight with GGG happen!!! Lol

  • Lucian Balan

    Canelo put him to sleep really nice tough that’s all it matters U0001f44dU0001f44a
    They should mind their own fighter and not who Canelo takes on next lmao

  • Roberto Borjas

    Very well said Vladimir Hazera

  • Jesus Peralta Peralta

    Why they so worry about who Canelo fights that sounds more like butt hurt

  • Kevin Bridgeforth

    I’m gonna let you take sometime to think bro! Lol. Your not getting it!

  • Frankie Durham

    I’m not fighting for $6m & being a fraud in the ring U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Marvin Garcia

    Ggg will destroy Canelo

  • Ed L Estrella Sr.

    Middle weight against a light heavyweight???

  • Ed L Estrella Sr.

    Did you understand Canelos interview after the fight??? He was talking mad shish! So put your belt were your mouth is and fight GGG plain and simple!!!

  • Ed L Estrella Sr.

    Who’s the mandatory??? GGG

  • Mariano Jr Romero

    No Ones mandatory if Canelo doesn’t want GGG he doesn’t get the fight Canelo isn’t the challenger he doesn’t have to take the fight

  • Allen Lafayette Newsome

    Ed L Estrella Sr. He went up because the last guy for him to fight in the division was GGG but it did not happen.

  • Rachelle Monique Tachiquin

    Spoken like a true champ Michelle Merchain

  • Jose E Figueroa

    Why didn’t he defend the title against ggg. This fight was over since the day it was arranged

  • Van Velasco

    props to Khan..he’s punched drunk here

  • Van Velasco

    Khan doesn’t duck nobody he would have fought ggg the next day if he won that nyt.

  • Alejandro Rivas

    Non Fiktion at least he’s fight fighters his weight division so stfu

  • Alginold Bennett

    It’s mandatory or his title will be stripped

  • Ovalsand Melro

    Strictly bidness man, come on everyone should know that by now. Fighters fight Fighters otherwise what’s the point of being a boxer. Ain’t nobody ducking to anybody. But I guess boxing needs these type of people to sell the fight to…

  • Compa Daniel

    Dam fight triple g that what be hard to know out

  • Cristopher Reyna

    LMAO Virgil hunter sounds more butt hurt ….

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    You are gay puto

  • Abraham Bautista

    This is what a boastful guy like Amir Khan get. Better retire now or face another humiliation on your next fight.

  • Colin Innes

    Ward’s never been a middleweight and Golovkin has always been a middle as a pro

  • Steven White

    I understand canelo should fight ggg. But how are you going to complain about that right after he beat you? That’s like his trainer admitting he knew khan didnt stand a chance lol

  • Tousif Imtiaj Rahman

    He is going to come back stronger.x2

  • Rene Mendoza Jr.

    Jerry Martinez in case you haven’t watched it bro

  • Julian Padilla

    So your saying a 165 pound beast vs a 139 pound stick isn’t a mismatch?…

  • Julian Padilla

    Cmon people let’s just face it..if in reality canelo were to get knocked out like that you guys would be bitching all year

  • Julian Padilla

    Fr if you weight 139 and I weight 165 and I knocked your ass out like that you would be bitching about the same subject..dumb asses

  • Julian Padilla

    Vladimir is right people..they won’t stop until someone gets killed by getting hit too hard by a opponent that doesn’t match the way in a positive or fair way…

  • Zach Prout

    Eddie Ramirez triple g has over 300 ammeture fights he not lacking with experience

  • DeLano McRavin

    You edited this and still didn’t correct your most glaring error a “loss is a loss” sir.

  • Ernesto Padilla Márquez

    He’ll yeah Christian Garcia

  • Jojo Reed

    Plain and simple, canelo can’t beat GGG!!! So who will he fight next?

  • Guillermo Rivas

    That translator sucks at translating I can do a way better job than that contact me I’ll translate word for word on the spot with the attitude the boxer meant it U0001f44dU0001f60e

  • Emilio Longoria

    De La Hoya fought everone!

  • Luis Cruz

    Did anyone else notice how drugged out De La Hoya was hahaha Sage Hines Cipriano Blanco Chuy Zaragoza Kevin Cruz

  • Ricky Talamante

    why would he fight at 155? middleweight division is 160, no excuses.

  • Shawn Mathews

    Wonder why Golovkin doesn’t fight Ward. Take some time and think about that

  • Daniel Abbott

    Jodie Watson go to 2:13! X

  • Junior Baeza

    Who was the smart fighter. Aamir Khan took that fight he did it for the paycheck.

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