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Canelo Alvarez Impressively Stops Liam Smith by TKO Photo by HBO Boxing

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Canelo Alvarez (48-1-1, 36 KOs) scored a ninth-round stoppage against Liam Smith (23-1-1, 13 KOs) to win the WBO Light Middleweight tile in front of 51,240 fans at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The scheduled 12-round fight headlined a four-fight HBO Pay-Per-View telecast.

Alvarez, a 26-year-old native of Mexico, had not campaigned at or under the Junior Middleweight limit since his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

Since then, he has fought at 155 pounds–technically Middleweight–against Alfredo Angulo, Erislandy Lara, James Kirkland and Miguel Cotto.

After defeating Cotto and earning the lineal and WBC Middleweight title, Alvarez defended his titles against Amir Khan, but then he vacated the WBC title and moved down to 154 for tonight’s bout, against a game opponent in Smith, a 28-year-old native of the U.K.

Alvarez, from the very first round, demonstrated his superior hand speed, unleashing quick jabs and right hands before ducking and slipping most of Smith’s offense.

By Round 2, however, something happened, which caused the fight to grow closer in the middle rounds.

“I started going after him, but in the second round I hurt my hand. I hurt my right hand and had to use the left more often,” said Alvarez.

Nevertheless, he was still able to unleash hard right hooks and uppercuts to Smith in Rounds 3 and 4, while Smith began landing a few more shots in Round 5. Photo by HBO Boxing

This was mostly caused by Alvarez’s tendency to lure fighters on to the ropes, from which he can land hard counter shots.

“If I would have waited a little longer and gotten more experience I would have been able to fight a guy like that better,” said Smith, who could not deal with Alvarez’s combination of speed, power, talent and defensive abilities.

“I am very disappointed. Canelo was too good today, I needed better timing, my timing was off tonight,” said Smith.

By the seventh round, Alvarez’s work to the body was beginning to pay off, and, as Smith pushed Alvarez against the ropes, Alvarez landed a hard right hand that dropped Smith.

In the following round, a body shot dropped Smith again, before a final shot to the liver in Round 9 forced the referee to stop the fight.

Alvarez looked spectacular, but boxing fans are still waiting for a superfight against Gennady Golovkin.

In his post-fight interview with HBO’s Max Kellerman, Alvarez stated that he had offered Golovkin a deal a month ago and that he is waiting for a response.

Do you think the matchup happens next? If so, who do you think wins?

Check out the post-fight interview with both fighters below:


Gabe Rivas has written for Round By Round Boxing since July of 2013. He studies Literature and Philosophy, tutors English, and teaches Boxing. Follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @GabeRivas03.

  • Joel Marquez

    Max’s face gives it away lol then when he ask if he’s taking a bullet for the promoters look at Oscar’s smile go away lol Steven Marquez

  • Kelley Parker

    Alfred Sierra
    Luis Sierra
    Emmanuel García
    “I hurt my hand.”

  • Christian Gallegos

    The worst translator in America

  • Nolan Wm

    what a joke

  • Fernando Herrera

    Excuse to duck another two yrs

  • Angel Martinez

    Lets go with this triple GGG fight, and do it and enough talk!!!

  • Eddie Salas

    Triple G won’t be able to handle Canelos power

  • Eddie Salas

    Triple G = overrated

  • Eddie Salas

    Triple G ducking and dodging U0001f602

  • Oded Tovi

    Alvarez is a nobody compare to the real legends from Mexico. ALL his fights are against either lower weight, lower ranked, weaker, smaller, washed up, inexperienced has beens, ex champions etc. NEVER fought an equal young lion in his prime. Always choose carefully his opponents in order to built his record.
    Never fought a legit middleweight at 160. Lost his only true test to MW and would easily lose to Pacman, a Prime Cotto, GGG and others as well.
    Slow, flat footed, very technical and boring.

  • Sandra Yanira Mendoza Murcia

    Lol He said VIVA MEXICO to stop anymore questions about the GGG fightU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 but he’s not scared U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602yeah,yeah

  • Peter Nieves Nunez

    Caleb Wossen watch later

  • Francisco Velazquez

    Canelo won’t be able to take shots like smith gave canelo from GGG

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    Translator, Canelo said they are waiting for an answer from GGG, not that he didn’t want to do it.. U0001f602

  • Christopher Larumbe

    Mikkie Mikie Larumbe

  • George Reed

    Canelo is a smart business man. He’s in low risk high reward fights. He’s going to leave the game rich with as little damage as possible.

  • Sergio Sanchez

    Daniel Sanchez Ricardo Salas Will he give up this belt too if GGG comes knocking?

  • Marz Solo

    He’s not even the best fighter out of Mexico. Juan Francisco Estrada is the best out of Mexico.

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  • Martin Alonso Zamarripa

    Estrada lost to Gonzalez

  • Martin Alonso Zamarripa

    And he’ll do it again

  • Marz Solo

    Estrada gave Gonzalez all he could handle, it was a close fight that could have gone either way. Now, Canelo on the other hand clearly was schooled by Mayweather, and I thought he lost to Lara as well, but the judges gave it to Canelo because he is Canelo.
    Canelo predictably defeated an easy opponent like Liam Smith, funny thing, I think Kell Brook, who was just stopped by GGG, would probably beat Liam Smith.

  • Daniel Sanchez

    He will defend that belt at 157. He will never fight GGG.

  • Oded Tovi

    Jesus Rodriguez Cotto (Paid money 800,000$) Canelo, (Vacated) Quellin (Ducked)BJS (Turned off) Jacobs (Excuses) Eubank JR. (turned off) Etc… ALL of which wanted no part with GGG. He fights mandatories or REAL MEN like Brook.
    A Prime GGG will smash Canelo into a Taco truck sending him home crying.
    GGG will beat Jacobs, BJS and Canelo within the next year. Mark my words.

  • Jose Arriaga

    i agree with you 100% but that speaks volumes as to where boxing is now. it’s not what it used to be and it never will be again.

  • Hickey Christopher Dc

    canelo the coward

  • Hickey Christopher Dc

    walk away you coward

  • Pedro Chaupiz

    I guess Mayweather, Sugar Shane Mosely and Miguel Cotto are nobodys.

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  • Makaveli Francis

    Canela step up for 3g stop the cowardly games

  • Oded Tovi

    Jose Arriaga Canelo is a joke really. Flat footed, slow, boring, fights like a robot. Garbage. Nothing exciting about him. Bullying smaller, weaker, older, washed up opponents has no guts and glory into it. The guy walks in about 170-180 fight night fooling everyone but himself with the power and body mass advantage while not fighting his mandatories at 160. No fair play, no heart. I just don’t see him get pass GGG who’s been ducked by 5-6 boxers already.
    A faster, powerful, skillful boxer will beat him easily. Can’t wait for GGG to put some work on this kid.

  • Rogelio Rios

    estate vien pendego LA canela k es el megor del mondo cundo lo reconosca el mondo no el atacon de canelo

  • Guy Verderosa

    You couldn’t be more wrong and canelo knows it too. Notice how in all interviews concerning Gennady , that canelo never says he will beat him, he only says that he’s not afraid of anyone. I think you’re dreaming if you feel canelo will win that fight. His promoters don’t even believe it. And by the way, I’m a fight fan since 1970!!!

  • Oded Tovi

    Jesus Rodriguez Sorry to let you down. He ain’t gonna lose at least in the next 1-2 years.
    The guy is 381-5 overall with all of his loses being controversial and close.
    Never been ko’d or ko in his life! He even floored Kovalev! The best Amateur of all times along side Lomachenko and Felix Savon.
    Canelo is good but not on the same league (He’s also one step further from Pac and MW caliber).

  • Ben Paul Swarbrick

    You can tell that when he says they offered GGG x amount of money for the fight is total BS. Just look at oscars face U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Jesus Mendez

    The translator is so trash

  • Pita Junior

    No one likes the united states U0001f602

  • Guy Verderosa

    Why are they here then? You make no sense. The country they flee is that shithole mexico. Obviously that’s the country no one likes. No one is going to live there, and all are coming here. LOL!!!!!!

  • Anthony Vasquez

    Alexandra Muñoz full interviews of max asking the hard hitting questions, as usual

  • Alexandra Muñoz

    Look at IG

  • Daniel Juarez

    No eso no queremos con GGG el si es el mejor

  • Nate White

    I don’t understand Spanish but I can tell the translation is weird lol

  • Lazaro Rodriguez

    Obviously I want him to fight ggg , but if he insists on fighting at 154 … Would be interesting if he fights kell brook , imo I think brook would give him major problems

  • Martin Alonso Zamarripa

    You’re right about Canelo, but Estrada is not the best mexican fighter

  • Mendoza Martin

    If GGG wants to get pay come down to 154 and fight Canelo. He talks about wanting to fight Canelo but won’t go down to weight. Mayweather would never do that. Canelo brings the money with out fighting Canelo GGG will never get a big paycheck or paperview time

  • Aldo Trev

    Boxers just got smarter. You want them to get hit ? Hell no! It’s hit and not get hit homie .

  • Johnny Chavez

    HBO need a new translator.

  • Paula Lara

    Guy Verderosa not because they like it U0001f44aU0001f3fc… to better themselves and yes we don’t like the United States but well we are here to do what we can!!!

  • Marz Solo

    If Estrada is not the best fighter out of Mexico, then it certainly is not Canelo. Canelo is definitely the most popular, but not the best.

  • Guy Verderosa

    700,000 from South America

  • Israel Rivera

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Make the fight.

  • Guy Verderosa

    The US is still better then the shithole mexico. How do I know, the crap keeps coming here from there.

  • Guy Verderosa

    Oscar is always coked up at every single event. He’s the first person I look for in the ring just to see.

  • Rod Rigo

    Canelo is not for the ppl, you have to see him when the camera is off. He is what Cotto is to PR.

  • Oded Tovi

    Jesus Rodriguez Was stopped by his corner! Brook never backed down.
    Canelo is not on Mayweather or Pac level overall. 50 pro fights and not even one at his natural weight range via 160-175. The guy has a big body mass advantage and cherry pick his opponents. MW was his only true test and he lost. Canelo fought an older version of Cotto and could’t knock him down, It took him almost full 9 rounds to take down Smith and fought a natural 140lbs in Khan, let alone all these Kirkland etc. joke fights.
    All that stall tactics by Golden Boy is against any old school real boxing street rules. Vacates in order to built his record past 50 wins so he can claim to be an all time great.
    Pac is 5’5 with ’67 reach and he demolished guys that are almost ‘6 tall and huge mass advantage in Margarito and DLH i.e. He will beat Vargas (The only WW champion who agreed fighting him right away)
    Canelo take easy fights with little opposition. He’s a very slow, flat footed and boring fighter. He’s not a Chavez nor a Barrera and never will be. Until he’s gonna fight a legit 160-168 ab full weight class I won’t fall into his bullying smaller boxers antiques.

  • Jose De Mota Cabron

    Isaac Modollaz try this one lol

  • Isaac Modollaz

    Good looks bro…lol max is funny

  • Jose De Mota Cabron

    Lol hell yea he a G

  • Kirk Squires

    mayweather all the way

  • Shane Mikel

    Hey canelo learn the language!

  • Jake Kannoo

    Bring floyd back

  • Ramon Acosta

    Weak explanation, Alvarez is running down in weight to avoid GGG.