Canelo Alvarez

Canelo vs. Golovkin: Fans Await the Super Bowl of Boxing

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

The Super Bowl of boxing is a special type of event that comes every once in a while. The reason for its rarity is because there is a lot at stake and therefore a need for thorough negotiation in order to make this type of event possible.

In most instances Super Bowl boxing events (mega fights) are fail to be made, and a lot of fights have been left to our imagination.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin is a fight that has been marinating for quite some time already. This is the most talked about fight that has yet to be made. A clash between both men will be our Super Bowl.

However, as much of an anticipated fight that this is, it’s dragging in negotiations and therefore has left fans wondering whether this fight is really going to be made or not.

Boxing is a very strange sport, it’s the only sport in which the best hardly ever fight the best. In other sports, the best teams usually face the best teams to find out who the better team is. In boxing however, they rarely do.

It’s sad that a sport that requires so much sacrifice and commitment from a man, isn’t regulated. Unfortunately, because there’s so much money involved and invested in fighters, promoters want to keep their steady cash flowing in, forcing them to protect their prizefighter from losing and risk all that has been invested in them.

So instead of matching their prizefighters against the best current opponent that could potentially ruin their cash flow, they protect their name and image by matching them against fighters far below their rank level in order to continue capturing the imagination of their respective fans and keep making them the attraction they make them out to be.

Among the many reasons a fight between Canelo and Golovkin hasn’t been made is because of the money issue. Canelo happens to be a protected cash cow that has been falsely made into a prizefighter, while Golovkin has been earning it the hard way in fighting his way to being the current WBA, IBO, IBF and WBC middleweight champion.

While Canelo has been made to appear as a knockout artist by facing weak opposition in lower weight classes, Golovkin has been knocking out all of his opponents. Legitimate middleweight opponents. Unfortunately for Golovkin, he’s not a Mexican fighter (although he fights like one).

And sadly enough, being that the majority of the fan base that follows the sport happens to be Mexican, Canelo is considered to be the A-side to the negotiations.

Being the A-side to a boxing negotiation clearly means a bigger purse. Unfortunately, Canelo is considered to be the A-side to this equation. Many would argue that Golovkin is the A-side in this equation for a number of reasons.

  • Golovkin fights. Golovkin wants to fight the best anytime, anywhere. He’s ready to prove to the whole boxing public why he’s a champion.
  • Golovkin has been stealing Canelo’s fan base with each fight because of his come-forward aggressive, Mexican style and high drama show.
  • HBO has made sure to build up a Golovkin event as if it were a PPV event, following him wherever he fights.
  • Michael Buffer introduces him as opposed to Lupe Contreras introducing Canelo lately.
  • Golovkin is the reigning WBC middleweight champion because Canelo forfeited his championship belt to him.
  • Golovkin can go his whole career without having to fight Canelo and it’ll be alright because he wasn’t the one avoiding the fight.
  • Golovkin sold more PPV at 500,000 than Canelo’s 300,000.
  • Last but not least, if this fight takes place, Golovkin is expected to KO Canelo, so if he wins, it was inevitable. But if Canelo was to pull off an upset (which he has the potential to do) then his credibility would sky rocket and he would regain the respect of his lost fans. So who really needs who in their career?

Ultimately, the reason why the negotiations to make this fight happen have been stalling is because of who the A-side is. Golovkin’s management knows that Canelo shouldn’t be dictating the pace of the negotiations for all the reasons mentioned above.

It would be unfair for Golovkin to accept the chump change they’re offering him. Golovkin knows his worth just as much as his team. If this fight is failed to be made, it wont be because of Golovkin’s promoters “ridiculous counter offer,” it’ll be because of Canelo’s management not accepting a fair and equal deal.

In conclusion, boxing Super Bowl’s will remain being rare type of events because of all the money, greed and injustice involved. But at the end of the day it all falls on the fighters will to fight and face the best.

It’s sad that these two undefeated high caliber fighters are having such a hard time making the fight happen, meanwhile two other big names in boxing–Sergy Kovalev and Andre Ward–are already scheduled to fight each other on November 19.

This sport would be better off if it had a regulation that the winner of a fight takes the majority of the split purse, forcing both men to give it their very best for such incentive.

Until then, the vermin of promotional greed will continue to hinder such great fights from happening and therefore boxing Super Bowl’s will continue to be few and far between.

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