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Carl Frampton Scores Impressive 5th-Round TKO Victory over Chris Avalos

They say a Jackal is one of nature’s most revered hunters, hell-bent on exposing the vulnerability in their prey with their renowned predatory instincts, ultimately leaving only the skeleton as their trophy.

For boxing’s very own Jackal, Carl Frampton (20-0, 14 KOs), who seemingly carries many of those distinctive characteristics, has shown his ability to expose the susceptible with an exceptional predatory impulse, proving that when compared with his carnivorous namesake, the likeness is uncanny.

Tonight at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, United Kingdom, Frampton again illustrated why his special talent is revitalizing both the north and south of Ireland, as he dismantled the very game American challenger Chris Avalos (25-3, 19 KOs) in breathtaking fashion.

A debut victory on ITV for the reigning IBF champion has now added fuel to the already blazing inferno that is the potential Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton showdown, which is arguably one of the most talked about fights in British boxing.

During the build up to tonight’s battle, Frampton was sure that the traveling Avalos was clearly out of his depth and would eventually be found out when the visitor feels the sheer intimidation from the Jackal’s loyal army. If Avalos was unsettled by the electric atmosphere though, then the 25-year-old was disguising it extremely well as he swaggered to the ring with his usual bravado.

There was a stark contrast when the hometown fighter came to the ring, the familiar hysteria that surrounds him was deafening. Despite this, the champion looked supremely focused on the task at hand, which was edging ever closer.

The fight began with Frampton landing his strong right hand to the face of Avalos repeatedly, using his footwork to stay well out of harm’s way of the American’s attacks.

In the second round, Avalos attempted to use his relentless pressure style to try and overwhelm the champion. Nevertheless, Avalos seemed to hurt his shoulder when the pair released from a clinch, and an unforgiving Frampton took full advantage, peppering his opponent with every punch in the book.

Both men chose to stand toe to toe in the next session but it seemed that Frampton was punching with an added vigour. Evidently, Avalos was bleeding from the mouth as well as his eye after being hammered with countless right and left hands from the Jackal.

Round five saw the end of proceedings, Frampton’s pure class was oozing throughout the odyssey Arena, which eventually saw the Hitman succumb to the ever-growing pressure.

A fresh faced Frampton was surprised by the lack of quality from Avalos, but did acknowledge the American’s toughness.

“To be honest it was pretty easy,” said Frampton.

“He punched very slow and when he turned his back, he wanted out. I have to give him credit, he was still on his feet, he was tough guy,” said the Jackal, who was clearly over whelmed by the support he possesses.

“This place the odyssey is like my home. It was always important. I love Belfast, I want to keep as many fights in Belfast as possible,” concluded the IBF champ.

Barry McGuigan reconfirmed his belief in his charge, and is looking forward to the future.

“I said this before, he is the best Super Bantamweight in the world, and guess what, we aim to prove it,” said McGuigan, “Tonight, he never even came out of third gear.”

McGuigan is now looking ahead to the fight everyone wants to see, a battle with Scott Quigg.

“It’s a massive fight. It needs to happen, maybe somewhere neutral. we are willing to compromise, WE have the valid title and WE pack out arenas,” said the Hall of Fame fighter.

As expected, Scott Quigg was ringside hoping to set up a lucrative summer showdown with the IBF king, but inevitably, it will be down to the promoters to bring that long awaited matchup to a well deserved completion.

Needless to say, tonight’s first live show on ITV for years was a resounding success, announcing the iconic channel back on the map as a major player in big time boxing.

Also on the stacked card, were up and coming stars as well as seasoned pros from all over the UK, showcasing their array of talent. Wins for highly-touted Irish trio Conrad Cummings, Anthony Cacace and Marco McCullough mean they are right on track for a promising 2015.

Heavyweight Dillian Whyte also claimed a routine victory in the illustrious fight city.

Just like his manager Barry McGuigan many years before him, Carl Frampton’s influence in Belfast is one that goes far beyond the realms of a boxing ring. In most people’s eyes, Frampton is simply not just a fighter, but a man who has become a beacon of hope to a divided community who are beginning to come together to follow him religiously.

So with the future looking remarkably prosperous for the popular young champion, mouthwatering showdowns with Santa Cruz, Rigondeaux and Quigg should feel within touching distance now for Frampton.

Nevertheless, after another fighter fails to derail the instinctive Jackal, Carl Frampton has established yet again that there is no disputing he is in fact the real deal, as well as a genuine threat to Guillermo Rigondeaux’s once impregnable supremacy at the summit of 122lbs, which has truly went untouched for far too long.

As a memorable show came to its conclusion, the voice of boxing Al Bernstein stated, “Frampton proved he is an elite fighter not only in his division but in boxing in general.”

I would have to agree that Frampton is a serious talent in boxing, who categorically deserves to be finally recognized as one.

Header Image by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

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