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Chris Colbert Responds to Xavier Martinez

Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

As the saying goes, there’s two sides to every story. And of course, that’s the case when it comes to some freshly-brewed beef between unbeaten fighters, Chris Colbert and Xavier Martinez.

Martinez, who is a Sacramento native signed to Mayweather Promotions, recently joined Leonard Ellerbe for a chat on IG Live and had some choice words for the interim WBA Super Featherweight titleholder.

“I do want Chris Colbert in the upcoming years,” said Martinez. “Chris Colbert gonna talk himself into an ass whooping. But he gotta be patient for that one.”

The brash and outspoken Brooklyn native Colbert is always good for a quote, so when he agreed to join us for our first episode of the Round By Round Boxing podcast, you know we had to ask him about Martinez’s comments.

“They’re smart, they ain’t stupid,” said Colbert. “Me, I’ve been doing this since I was 4-0, fighting undefeated fighters. Now he wants to fight me probably because I have a belt. But when I was calling him out, we called Floyd personally and said ‘let’s make it happen,’ Floyd said ‘nah he ain’t ready for that.’”

At this point in time, Colbert has undoubtedly fought the tougher competition, but a future fight between these two is definitely an exciting prospect.

If Colbert and Martinez fought this year, who would you favor?

Watch the first episode of the Round By Round Boxing podcast below.

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