David Haye vs. Tony Bellew Fight Preview


Photo by Lawrence Lustig

David Haye vs. Tony Bellew is an interesting matchup. The animosity both men seem to have towards each other makes this fight one worth tuning into.

In most boxing events, we expect to see a civil display of boxing skill between two men who are there in the ultimate game of endurance that’s displayed in the form of beating the living hell out of one another until the surrender or destruction of either one man.

This fight is promised, by both men who are claiming to knock each other out, that it will meet all the hype and expectations.

Long before their press conferences kicked off, there genuine dislike for each other had been obvious for quite sometime already. The hatred both men have display towards one another is bound to produce the exciting type of fight that starts off in Round 1 as soon as the first opening bell rings.

When two men, who happen to be in the same combat sport, don’t like each other, as inhumane as it may seem, its when the best fights are produced. When you have these type of fights that have such a high drama filled caliber to them, its impossible to look away—they become “instant classics.”

This fight is going to be interesting to watch it play out because the styles of both men are made for one another. Bellew, the come forward one dimensional fighter, against the slick unconventional awkward fighter Haye. Haye seems to posses more in the bag for a prediction of a win to be in his favor.

However, Bellew packs a solid punch and has decent boxing skills, but the fact that he’s naturally a smaller man than Haye might give him a slight disadvantage against the more natural Heavyweight Haye really is.

David Haye might have the slight advantage in this fight. Just because he’s the bigger man and more dimensional.

Haye possess more skills than Bellew has ever gone up against, this alone will be enough to put a splinter of doubt in Bellew’s mind throughout the fight, costing him the victory. But at the end of the day, this fight is so close to judge that it’s honestly a tossup.

Both men are claiming to be ready and both are predicting a knockout victory. However the odds are, both men have an equal opportunity at success as long as they both box smart.

Perhaps the fact that Haye is looking to make his way back to the top again as a champion and could be staring at his last shot at redemption will be the winning motivation.

The fight is one day away and it still cant be here soon enough. Whatever the outcome of this fight, its guaranteed to produce fireworks. The world is waiting in great anticipation.

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