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Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury NYC Press Conference Recap

Day number two of the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury press conference landed in New York City and as expected, it did not disappoint.

Before the two giant Heavyweights arrived, the New York crowd was buzzing. Make no mistake about it this is the biggest fight in boxing at this present moment.

Both men come in undefeated and confident. That confidence was on full display as both men spoke to the crowd about how easy this fight will play out.

“I’m gonna beat this bum because he can’t box. Yeah he’s a big swinger. Okay, he’s knocked a few bums out, but really he’s got 40 fights but 35 of them have been against total tomato cans that can’t fight back,” stated Fury to a raucous crowd. “So he’s really only had five fights. So if he thinks a five fight novice is going to land one of them big swinging windmills on my chin then he can think again.”

The game plan for Fury seems simple enough. Outbox Wilder early, then take him to the championship rounds and knock him out.

Fury highlighted numerous times that although Wilder does have massive power he’s also only been the full 12 rounds once in his entire career, while Fury on the other hand has been there several times.

For all of his antics and brashness, Wilder seemed unfazed. “How you gonna knock out the baddest man on the planet?” questioned Wilder. “The most feared!”

Wilder undoubtedly has the power to end this fight at any point. He has knocked out every opponent he has ever faced, but Fury did not seem scared of the power he possesses. As he continued to yell to both Wilder and the crowd how exactly the fight will play out.

“When I say I want a war with this little plum. All 200 pounds of him. I want to go down to his body and break a couple of ribs and when he’s down in a heap on the floor and I’m looking down at him and saying, ‘get up your supposed to be an entertainer’ get up,” said Fury. “No more, no more. No mas, no mas. I’m going to make this bum quit.”

Fury dominated most of the press conference with his words. He was far more energetic and flamboyant.

Wilder seemed amused by all of Fury’s antics but he did however offer a warning to him. “The more you talk the more you make it worse for yourself,” said Wilder. “I can’t wait to see your body shaking.”

For all of the back-and-forth rhetoric and threats they hurled at one another there is actually a very healthy dose of respect between the two.

“I have the utmost high respect for the guy. I like Tyson,” stated Wilder to a small group of reporters after their initial press conference. “I like what he brings to the Heavyweight division. I think he’s definitely a breath of fresh air for this division and we need guys like him.”

Fury was unsurprisingly complimentary of Wilder as well, noting that he is better than every other Heavyweight currently. Other than himself of course.

After this fight I’ve told him I’m going to get him to hire me to be his promoter and bring him back because I believe I can do an excellent job with Deontay Wilder,” said Fury. “After I’ve outboxed him very comfortably and stopped him on the first then I’m going to bring him back. Cause I know he can beat most of the other guys if not all of them, but he just can’t beat me.”

There is just one more stop left on this fun tour slated for California. We can expect more insults, lively personality and fake confrontations giving us the impression that they’ll forget about the ring and get it on right then and there.

The tour will continue to be fun, but it’s reached its end up. With all due respect to current unified champion Anthony Joshua, this fight will determine who is the man to beat at Heavyweight.

Come December 1, we finally get our answer.


All photos by Amanda Westcott/Showtime

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