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DiBella Defends Thurman: “It’s Not Like He’s Running Away From Spence”

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, Errol Spence added to his mystique by easily dispensing of former titleholder, Lamont Peterson in eight rounds.

After the fight, Spence, and many boxing fans via social media, continued to call for a fight against Keith Thurman to happen in 2018.

Spence seems eager to get in the ring with the WBA and WBC Welterweight champion, but based on Thurman’s comments on Showtime late last year, the same cannot be said for him.

Granted, Thurman is coming of injury and surgery and he’d like to test the waters against a lesser opponent before jumping into the ring with quite possibly the next best Welterweight in boxing.

During the post-fight press conference Saturday night at Barclays Center, promoter Lou DiBella took the time to address the many questions surrounding a potential Thurman-Spence matchup.

“It’s not like Keith Thurman’s running away from Errol Spence,” said DiBella. “Keith Thurman had surgery and hasn’t fought in a year. When he comes back is he going to come back to this guy [Spence], no. I have no doubt that Keith Thurman is going to fight Errol Spence.”

DiBella is convinced that the Thurman-Spence showdown will undoubtedly happen.

The question for boxing fans–as always–is when.

Will this one marinate for another couple of years? Let’s hope not.

If both Thurman and Spence are at 100 percent and fight at the end of this year–who wins?

Header photo by Ed Diller

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