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Eddie Hearn Says He’ll Be Shitting Himself During Ruiz-Joshua 2

Eddie Hearn
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Imagine you invest millions of dollars into an idea or product and it doesn’t pan out.

That’s basically where Eddie Hearn sits at, especially if Anthony Joshua loses to Andy Ruiz in their proposed end of the year rematch.

While one loss certainly doesn’t end a career, it’s hard to sell Joshua as invincible anymore and it’ll certainly be harder to convince anyone that he’s “the man” at Heavyweight if loses again to the now unified champion, Ruiz.

Is there money to be made elsewhere? Sure. But the investment and meticulous planning to make Joshua a star has been an all hands on deck movement for Matchroom Boxing and most recently, DAZN.

Hearn recently spoke to the nerves (via Boxing Scene) he’ll feel when the two Heavyweights finally do clash again.

“Honestly I think it’s just a case of, and he said it to me the other day, ‘People just talk to me about Wilder.’ All fight week was, ‘After this fight, I’ll sit down with Wilder, Fury’ all this,”said Hearn. “So subconsciously it’s like this fight is won, and when it breaks down or it goes wrong or you get hurt, it’s like, what the f***? But this time you can go in with the attitude that this is everything, and that’s what he had when he went in against Klitschko.”

Can you blame him for being so nervous? I know I’d be shitting myself too if my multi-million dollar investment was hanging in the balance.

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