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Even With Roamer Angulo Up Next, David Benavidez Still Eyes Caleb Plant: “There Is a Lot of Bad Blood There”

Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Asking politely hasn’t worked for WBC Super Middleweight champion David Benavidez (22-0, 19 KOs). So instead, he’ll simply take it. 

After a four month suspension in 2018, the surly Phoenix, Arizona native had seemingly put together the shattered pieces of his life back into place.

The WBC title that no other fighter could lift off him in the ring, was easily taken away due to his issues outside of the ring. Despite that, Benavidez placed those problems behind him to reclaim his title. 

Now, he’ll look to make a statement the next time he climbs through the ropes, although it isn’t against the opponent he truly wanted. 

On August 15, Benavidez will return to the ring to take on Roamer Alexis Angulo (26-1, 22 KOs). 

With COVID-19 forcing uncertainty throughout the entire boxing landscape, Benavidez is simply grateful to return to the ring. But make no mistake about it, Angulo is simply a stepping stone.

“My main goal is to get to Caleb Plant,” said Benavidez to Brian Custer during a virtual press conference on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. “That’s the fight that I want the most and the fight that the fans want the most. Since we’re in the same promotional company it should be fairly easy. I’m not looking past Angulo. He looks like a great fighter, a strong fighter, so I have to get past this fight, then hopefully by the beginning of next year we can face Caleb Plant.”

The perpetual call outs between both Benavidez and Plant have grown tiresome. On a day where Showtime Sports unveiled its schedule for the remainder of 2020, many have wondered when, where and unfortunately–will, these two fighters ever step foot inside of the ring against one another?

The answers are ambiguous, but Benavidez is optimistic that it’ll be sooner, rather than later. 

“Hopefully by next year I can get a fight with Caleb Plant if everything goes good,” said Benavidez. “That’s definitely a fight that I want, that’s a fight that the fans want and that boxing needs. He’s a great fighter and I’m a great fighter. I just feel like we need to get this fight going. There is a lot of bad blood there so I feel like it’s a great fight for boxing.”

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