Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana: Preview and Prediction

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the unofficial American “King of Kings” in today’s boxing world.

His supreme reign is due to his unblemished 45-0 record, but also by the quality of opponents he has faced.

Mayweather has beaten an astounding 20 world champions in his career. Marcos “El Chino” Maidana is the dangerous Argentine puncher that is young and hungry in his quest for “The Moment” to shock the world and dethrone King Mayweather.

Maidana has proven his lethal punching power by knocking out six of his first seven professional opponents in the very first round.

As Mayweather and Maidana meet in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday,  May 3, 2014, we can expect a “Boxer” verses “Puncher” stylistic matchup.

Maidana has had good success in this type of matchup, with his successful and shocking thrashing of Adrien Broner the most recent example.

Mayweather has had good recent success in this type of matchup as well, in his most recent win making an absolute mockery of the heavy handed Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

So what do these track records of past stylistic success mean for these two as they face each other?

As the boxer verses puncher worlds collide, adaption will be key.

Maidana is cornered by Robert Garcia, a trainer with great ability to create mid-fight adjustments. The unfortunate issue is that adjusting to the defensive style and counter punching of Mayweather is a near impossible task.

He is too quick, smart and his infamous shoulder rolls are poetry in motion.

To find success in this fight, Maidana must stay balanced and steady at all times to avoid falling into the frustration trap that Mayweather lures his opponents into.

In the first few rounds, I foresee Maidana coming out aggressive with heavy hands and Mayweather patiently feeling out Maidana with his jab. As Mayweather boxes in the early rounds, he will also be mentally taking notes and feeding them into his boxing calculator of a brain.

Once this process is complete he will then know how to best exploit Maidana’s weaknesses.

Mayweather will out box Maidana with his fast and lethal counter-punching combinations.

Floyd will strategically pick Marcos apart by moving in and out with lightning speed, which will make Maidana frustrated as well as setting him off balance and thus making him ridden with mistakes.

I predict this fight will end in a Mayweather knockout victory over Maidana in the late rounds.

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