Frampton vs. Avalos – Frampton Brings Bigtime Boxing Back to Terrestrial TV

Carl Frampton Chris Avalos - Getty Images
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Carl Frampton and CWM Cyclone Promotions were at the iconic Heron Towers, London today delivering a ground-breaking announcement to the media. Team Frampton were oozing enthusiasm when they announced that the upcoming IBF showdown between Frampton and American, Chris Avalos will in fact be aired live on a channel that requires no additional cost, ITV.

ITV has always had a deep association with the fight game, but since its last bout back in 2010, the channel has not delved back into the boxing scene, until now.

As expected, Barry McGuigan was extremely excited to work with ITV again and relishes the opportunity to showcase Frampton, along with his ever growing stable of fighters on an immense platform.

“This is a great day for Carl Frampton and CWM Cyclone Promotions but it is also a great day for the sport of boxing.” said McGuigan.

“It is excellent news that Carl Frampton will become the latest in a long line of world champions who have boxed on ITV. Frampton vs. Avalos is going to be a cracking contest between two of the best Super Bantamweights in the world. The viewers on ITV are in for a fantastic evening of world class boxing,” stated McGuigan.

The reigning IBF champion was also extremely pleased with the opportunity to display his skills live on ITV.

“I am delighted to be defending my World title live on ITV on the 28th of February. When I was a young lad, all of the big fights were on ITV so to be defending my world title on the channel is a dream come true. Boxing needs mainstream exposure and I am thrilled to be part of its return to terrestrial television with ITV,” said Frampton.

This is a major result for the boxing faithful as the sweet science has slowly become a business where pay-per-view numbers have seemingly come to be priority, leaving the fight fans with an ultimatum, pay up or shut up.

McGuigan does deserve a lot of credit as he has now opened the door to a new large target audience that will unquestionably propel “The Jackal” into a household name.


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