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Frankie Gomez Dominates Mauricio Herrera via UD


Mauricio Herrera has been subject to a number of robberies. He’s lost to Danny Garcia when he shouldn’t have. He lost to Jose Benavidez when he shouldn’t have. But somewhere between his stolen triumphs and long stretches of inactivity, age and punches have caught up with Herrera.

Going into his fight against Frankie Gomez, many saw the bout as 50/50. This was a hardened cerebral veteran taking on a young, troubled prospect who hadn’t yet gotten a solid name on his resume.

But from the first round, it was apparent that Gomez was more focused, active, and willing to go the extra mile for the entire 10 rounds.

Herrera didn’t throw punches and spent most of the fight being painted by combos from Gomez on the ropes or in the corner. In the second round, he was cut under the left eye by a hard straight right and uppercut combination.

By the middle rounds, Herrera was cut under both eyes and utterly defeated before he ever even had a chance to turn on his motors.

Wherever Herrera goes next, it surely won’t be on as high of a stage as he’s been on for the past few years. He’s an honest fighter with an intellectual approach to the sport, but it seems as though his expiration date has arrived.

That said, Gomez wasn’t particularly impressive in the shutout. Herrera wasn’t there to fight and has no one-punch power for Gomez to be worried about. Gomez, if he really is the goods like trainer Freddie Roach says, he should have been able to dispatch Herrera before the final bell.

Gomez shouldn’t be jumping up in competition any time soon, but as a prospect he is certainly agile enough and accurate enough to continue to be looked at against gatekeeper-level guys.

A disappointing performance ultimately on both ends—one that Herrera will likely want to move past.


Christopher Nicastro is a hopeless boxing devotee and freelancer. You can follow him on Twitter @chris_nicastro.