Garcia Upset with Matthysse for Press Tour No Show

Danny Garcia

According to Bad Left Hook, Lucas Matthysse has backed out of the planned three-stop press tour for his fight with Danny Garcia.

Many people–including myself–were looking forward to some heated back-and-forth exchange between Angel Garcia and Lucas Matthysse, but unfortunately that won’t happen.

Instead, the fireworks will have to wait until fight night on September 14.

Danny Garcia–who was anxious to gain more exposure with the tour–expressed disappointment and anger after hearing that Matthysse would not be participating in the press tour.

We could have been the headliner somewhere else, but it’s great to be on an event as important as the one on September 14, because it could mean a lot of exposure for my career. I didn’t like the fact that Matthysse was giving excuses at the last minute not to do the tour. The plans were to go to New York, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles. We were ready to go when everything went down. I guess it’s their way of doing things, but on September 14 they will see how I do things.


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