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Gennady Golovkin Lashes Out at Canelo Alvarez & Oscar De La Hoya

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, one of the years most anticipated fights takes places at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada as Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) takes on Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) in a rematch of their September 16, 2017 scrap, which ended in a disputed draw.

But before the fists start flying on Cinco de Mayo, both camps have begun to unleash verbal haymakers.

Most recently, Golovkin hosted a group of reporters and media at his camp in Big Bear, California. Most notably, Golovkin took the time to discuss his opponents recent positive test for the banned steroid, Clenbuterol.

Golovkin, to put it simply, pulled no punches.

“Come on, I told you, it’s not meat,” said Golovkin to reporters at his training camp (per USA Today). “Canelo’s team are using these drugs and everybody’s trying to pretend it’s not happening.”

In regards to “the meat,” Golovkin is referring to Canelo’s claim that his positive test result was due to meat contamination in Mexico. In a press released by Canelo’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, the company stated that the “trace levels of Clenbuterol” found in Canelo’s sample were consistent with meat contamination that has impacted dozens of athletes in Mexico over the last years.

“This guy, he knows. This is not his first day in boxing. He proves he gets benefits from everyone and he can get away with it,” said Golovkin. “The commentators, commission, doping commission – this is a very bad business, (it’s) not sport. Check him on a lie detector and then we can find out everything.”

Gennady Golovkin Canelo Alvarez

Golovkin even went as far as claiming that he knew Canelo was doping prior to their first fight.

“Before the first fight, I knew he was not clean,” stated Golovkin. “Have a look at the video. He used some pills. It was pretty obvious when his muscles were all with traces of injections. I’ve known it for a long time.”

The video proof that Golovkin is referring to is below, where Canelo is seen ingesting something that his trainer Eddy Reynoso stuffs in his mouth after Canelo makes weight for his first bout with GGG.

But Golovkin was not done. He also blasted Golden Boy’s founder, Oscar De La Hoya, alluding to the fact that De La Hoya was also a cheater.

“You can talk about (De La Hoya),” Golovkin added. “He is also not clean. He is dirty.”

Eric Gomez, the president of Golden Boy Promotions, immediately released a statement defending his fighter and stated that they’ll wait for the investigation to clear Canelo’s name.

“We want a thorough and complete investigation and we’re glad that Bob Bennett, an ex-FBI agent, is doing this,” said Gomez (per Yahoo Sports). “So, get this thing done right and put all the facts out, because Canelo isn’t a cheater and he’s being falsely accused.”

One thing is certain, the war of words is heating up, which, if the fight does happen, will only mean a more tense and exciting fight night on May 5.


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