Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray | Preview & Prediction

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Martin Murray, along with Gennady Golovkin, has not shied away from the fact that this upcoming clash is extremely important. Murray has already accepted that he may have already been written off in this bout by most in boxing circles, due to Golovkin’s feared reputation.

However, with the majority of headlines centered on Golovkin, the St Helens fighter has nothing to lose going into Saturday nights matchup. Bearing that in mind, Murray is confident that he, along with his trainer Oliver Harrison, have came up with the perfect game plan that will optimistically discourage the seemingly unstoppable Kazakh.

The pair are dedicated athletes, focusing solely on the task at hand. Golovkin has escaped to the secluded Big Bear for camp, while Murray has chosen to sacrifice his family and head to South Africa in order to prepare for the biggest fight of his life.

Therefore, with their long awaited showdown creeping ever closer, can the underdog Martin Murray shock the world, leaving the boxing world stunned? Or will Golovkin continue on his path to supremacy?

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