Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray | Preview & Prediction

Strengths for Each Man

Gennady Golovkin

Photo by Naoki Fukada

The former Amateur star has shown that he is a master craftsman when it comes to boxing, but his devastating one punch power is undeniably his most feared asset.

The fact that he is just as destructive with both hands plus his ability to generate power into punches from unorthodox angles, makes the task of facing Gennady Golovkin tremendously ominous for Martin Murray.

Along with his brute strength, Golovkin has an exceptional boxing brain that allows him to cut the ring off productively and when it is combined with his great timing, there seems to be no escaping GGG.

The latter is sometimes overlooked, because Golovkin’s power creates the drama, yet his movement and footwork can be just as effective.

Martin Murray

Martin Murray - AP
AP Photo

The 32-year-old challenger is very much underrated. Martin Murray has an efficient jab, decent speed and most of all a great defense.

This was evident when Murray was able to neutralize the power of former pound-for-pound star, Sergio Martinez, when the champion was deemed by most as untouchable.

Murray also prides himself in taking a good shot, so if he can drag Golovkin into the later rounds, he just may unravel the talented enigma.

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