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Giovanni Mioletti Wins Snooze Fest Against Luis Porozo

Dave Mandel/Showtime

It was a battle of undefeated prospects. Ultimately, only man would leave the ring with their perfect record intact.

Giovanni Mioletti (17-0, 7 KOs), turned a frustrating contest into one that ended with his hand getting raised.

It was clear from the beginning that Luis Porozo (14-1, 7 KOs) did not intend on engaging. He spent most of the contest staying on the outside.

Not only did he keep away from his opponent, but he also held for long durations.

Porozo’s uneventful strategy did not pay off as the judges scored the contest in the favor of Mioletti.

Two scores of 98-92 and one scorecard read 97-93, all in the favor of Mioletti.

To the credit of Mioletti, he did his best to make it a slugfest. The Tacoma, Washington crowd got right behind Mioletti every time his left hand found a home, which was early and often.

Porozo on the other hand seemed determined to simply survive. When he decided to get a bit more offensive, it was meager at best. Wild hooks, which he seemingly threw while off balance, did not impress the judges, nor the crowd.

As the final rounds unfolded, and clearly behind on the scorecards, Porozo was more than content with simply holding onto his opponent.

In the final round, Porozo was caught with several shots. At one point he seemed as though he was ready to go. He looked completely gassed and had nothing left in the tank.

But as he had done in the previous rounds, he found a way to navigate out of trouble and make it to the bell.

In the end it was a major step back for Porozo and a significant step forward for Mioletti as he will now look to secure bigger fights down the line.

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