Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer Dogs Erislandy Lara

Erislany Lara

Miguel Rivera is reporting that Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer says it will be tough to get Erislandy Lara to win over the public. The Cuban boxer said the statements were not surprising.

“It’s something they have been saying since I’ve been a professional. However, I think they are the ones who don’t give me the opportunity to prove otherwise, when I’m not given the opportunity to be in the big fights. Everything that was said by Richard Schaefer about me are just excuses that read really badly because they come from someone who is supposed to work to promote my fights,” Lara said. “I don’t think Alfredo Angulo deserves my respect and even more so he does not deserve a rematch. He requested that my gloves and wraps be inspected after the fight and making statements that I hurt him with my thumb is absurd and I consider that disrespectful. We are now looking at other targets, and our plans don’t have Alfredo Angulo’s name attached to them. We think Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout are the battles that the boxing fans want to see. There, we can draw conclusions about what was said by Schaefer – and if those fights are done we will know if I can sell or not sell, as stated by a person who should be working to make these fights and not giving bad statements about one of his fighters.”

Boxing world, what do you think about Lara’s statements?

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