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Golden Boy Prospect, “Slick” Nick Sullivan, Is Ready to Make a Splash

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Golden Boy Lightweight Prospect, “Slick” Nick Sullivan (2-0) last left the ring a knockout victor in his first bout with the promoter in October of 2019. Sullivan has been ready to get back in the ring ever since.

Like the rest of professional world, Sullivan has had to adjust with the times. In a recent phone interview with Round By Round Boxing, Sullivan told us that he was frustrated with the fight cancellations due to the pandemic, but tried to focus it into positive energy.

“I didn’t let the pandemic get to me,” said Sullivan. “I used it as motivation. I’ve stayed in shape.”

Sullivan stated that at the beginning when gyms were closed he tried to run eight-to-10 miles per day to ensure he stayed ready for competition once fights were to resume. He anticipates promoters will be rapid in scheduling future events.

Sullivan, who as of now has two fights, had a successful amateur career, but views bigger thing out of his professional career.

“Every fighter envisions themselves as being a world champion” said Sullivan. “I definitely see myself as being a world champion, and doing it not too late in my career, either.”

He spoke more on that, attributing his work ethic and people around him as being a catalyst to making his goals a reality.

“I feel like I’ll be a world champion early because of my hard work and dedication,” said Sullivan.

Additionally, “Slick” draws motivation from being a role model in his community and empowering the people he has around him.

“I like to motivate my people and let them know that if I can do it, you can do it as well,” said Sullivan. “I want to be a champion in and out of the ring.”

While Sullivan is in the infancy stages of his career, there is a lot to like about him early on.

Sullivan views himself as a hybrid between the late great, defensive specialist, Pernell Whitaker and a young “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather.

“‘Money’ Mayweather was more defensively focused,” said Sullivan. “So I would consider myself more like him in his early stages when he mixed more of his offense along with his defense.”

GoldenBoy Promotions also saw greatness in him, which led to them offering him a legitimate contract before any other big promoters got the chance.

“GoldenBoy was the first big promotion that put something out there,” said Sullivan. “[They] actually had a contract and had something for me to look at.”

Sullivan stated that while several other promoters were telling him what they could potentially do for him, Golden Boy was able to show him.

“They took us seriously,” said Sullivan. “So, we took them serious when we looked over the contract and liked what we had seen so we signed with Golden Boy Promotions.”

His career will certainly be one to watch, and with his combination of skill and focus, don’t be surprised when potentially hearing his name preceded by the term world champion in the future.

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