Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Sod Kokietgym: Recap from Macau

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Saturday, July 19, 2014, the man who divides opinion among boxing fans, Guillermo Rigondeaux, moved to an impressive 14-0, 9 KOs  with a rapid one-round knockout of Thailand’s Sod Kokietgym in China.

However, it’s not the result that has the boxing world talking, it’s the way the fight concluded which has caused a stir.

When the opening bell sounded, it was immediately apparent that Sod Kokietgym was out of his depth.10 seconds in, the slick Cuban landed a powerful left hand that echoed around the Venetian Hotel and from there it only got worse for Kokietgym, as Rigondeaux controlled the fight with his speed, distance and timing.

But as both fighters attempted to land, Rigondeaux’s head came crashing down on Kokietgym’s, dropping the 37 year old from Thailand to his knees in pain.

Referee Mark Nelson gave Kokietgym some time to recover, but as both men touched gloves, the eager Rigondeaux pounced and landed a sledge hammer left hand that buckled Kokiegym, leaving the referee with no choice but to call a halt to the contest.

Moments after the fight, the local fans made their feelings known, as boos andwhistled ricocheted around the luxurious arena. Sod Kokietgym was evidently upset, as the biggest opportunity of his life vanished before his very eyes, and before it really even got started.

Rigo - Sod - Chris Farina

The debate has now already begun as to whether Rigondeaux sucker punched his opponent or was Kokiegym just too lackadaisical while dealing with a predator known as “The Jackal.”

Nevertheless, with Macau now seemingly unimpressed by the one-round knockout and Rigondeaux’s talent, it is extremely difficult to determine what the 33 year old Super Bantamweight champion has to do now, to win over the boxing public.


All photos by Chris Farina/Top Rank

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