Haney vs. Gamboa + Undercard Press Conference Quotes and Images

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Devin Haney (24-0 15 KOs) – defending his WBC World Lightweight title against Yuriorkis Gamboa

What kind of fighter do you think Gamboa will be on Saturday night, after watching his previous fight against Gervonta Davis?

“He’s the type of fighter that will bring his all. Every fight he goes in there, no matter if he’s hurt, and lays it all on the line.”

What do you have to do on Saturday to beat him?

“I have a lot of things that I have to do to get the win on Saturday. The main thing is to go into the ring and dominate, I don’t want to just get the win, I want to make a statement. This will be a statement victory. I want to go in the ring and show Gamboa I’m the best fighter he’s been in the ring with.”

You’re been labelled amongst Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Teofimo Lopez, do you feel like you have to knock out Gamboa to get to the big fights you want?

“Honestly I feel I have to look bad to get these guys in the ring with me. The better that I look it seems the more they run. I’m going to put on a statement performance, get the job done and beat him worst than he’s ever been beaten before.”

What can fans expect on Saturday night?

“Tune in on Saturday night, it’s going to be fireworks. Gamboa is a tough competitor, he comes to fight every single time and doesn’t lay down for anybody. I’m going to bring the pressure, bring the excitement so tune in it’s going to be one hell of a night.”

Yuriorkis Gamboa (30-3 18 KOs) – former unified Featherweight king and challenger for Haney’s crown

How are you feeling about facing Haney?

“I’m expected a great fight and I’ve got a great rival in front of me.”

After facing Gervonta Davis in your last fight, who’s a better fight Davis or Haney?

“It doesn’t matter who’s the best fighter is. What matters is what happens in the ring on Saturday.”

How do you stop Devin Haney?

“Haney can say whatever he wants, once we’re in the ring the only person in charge is God and I’ll be there to fight.”

What’s your message to your fans and Devin Haney?

“God gave me this opportunity, I’m here to fight and god will have his say on Saturday night.”

Filip Hrgovic (11-0 9 KOs) – unbeaten Croatian Heavyweight threat

What do you remember about sparring with Rydell Booker in Miami?
“He’s a skilful fighter, he has good technique and is slick. However, that was sparring partner, and this is a real fight.”

How important is it to you not just to win, but to finish Booker?

“We are friends, but on Saturday we are not friends anymore. I would like to finish him. He performed great against Kubrat Pulev, but I want to make a statement and stop him.”

Give us your prediction for Saturday night:

“I can’t predict what is going to happen, what round he will go down, but I know for sure I will win on Saturday night.”

Rydell Booker (26-3 13 KOs) – Detroit Heavyweight taking on Hrgovic

You’ve never been stopped, what’s your response to Hrgovic saying he’ll be the first:

“Everybody says it until they get in the ring. I know I’ll come to fight, I know Filip and I look forward to Saturday.”

Are you going to approach the fight defensive first on Saturday night?

“No, I’ve changed my whole team, staff and my preparations for this fight. My last coach was a straight defensive fighter, but that’s who I was, so I found someone who fit my style better.”

When you know a guy is coming to knock you out, how do you take advantage of that:

“Naturally I’m a world class boxer, so I use my boxing ability. I have a very high boxing IQ, after doing this for 32 years. I know how to make adjustments; he has a good trainer, but I know what to expect.”

Zhilei Zhang (21-0 16 KOs) – unbeaten Chinese Heavyweight

Zhang on his Olympics medal, loss to AJ and obsession with fighting him again:

“My dream is to become heavyweight champion and Joshua is holding most of the belts. I believe that this dream is going to come true very soon.”

What’s your message to Anthony Joshua?

“Wait for me. We have unfinished business, hope to see you soon.”

Zhang’s thoughts on Vargas:

“Vargas is a veteran; he’s been in the ring with some of the toughest boxers and I give him a lot of respect. It’s a pleasure to keep him and on Saturday we’ll see each other in the ring.”

Devin Vargas (22-6 9 KOs) – Ohio Heavyweight facing Zhang

How do you beat a guy as big as Zhang?

“You work his body. Big guys can’t take pressure and a high work rate. I’m going to box him and throw a lot of punches – I like to average 60-80 punches a round.”

Vargas on being in the ring with Breazeale, Ruiz Jr and Fa and where Zhang ranks among these:

“All those opponents I’ve faced have gone on to do great things. I was always there at the doorstop of being great, but I think I can capitalize on this fight.”

Reshat Mati (7-0 5 KOs) – New York Welterweight talent

What’s life been like trying to stay active during inactive period of fighting:

“It’s tough in New York with everything staying closed but you’ve got to find places to go to the gym and do your workouts. I’ve kept myself busy, I’m in shape and now I’m ready to go.”

In Mojica’s last five losses he’s been knocked out four times, do you have to knock him out on Saturday to feel like you got the job done:

“I’m here to do my thing, it’s never right to look for a knockout. He has a lot of wins to his name, but I’ve been training hard to do what’s right to get this win. I’ve worked really hard and I’m not coming here to lose.”

Who’s your dream match-up / name you’d like to fight?

“Anyone with a belt, I want them. I want to build my legacy, put Albania, New York and Staten Island on the map.”

Marcos Mojica (17-5-2 13 KOs) – Nicaraguan facing Mati

On being 13 years older than Mati:

“It’s not going to play much of a difference in the fight, it’s going to be a great fight on Saturday and Mati is going to be a great opponent – we’ll see what happens.”

Raymond Ford (6-0 2 KOs) – New Jersey Featherweight prospect

What are going to do to neutralise Reyes and his game plan?

“I love his game plan, that’s the style I like to fight against – if he brings his heat, I’ll bring mine. I hope he’s well prepared well so he can last a few rounds. I’m not coming to play around but I’m getting him out of there.”

Is it knockout or bust?

“Most definitely, I don’t care about his experience or how many fights he’s had. I’m coming to make an example out him, come Saturday you’re going to see the best of me and I’m punching with bad intentions.”

Rafael Reyes (18-10 14 KOs) – Mexican facing Ford

There’s a lot of hype surround Raymond Ford, what do you make of him?

“I think he is a great prospect and I’m happy to be here in the United States fighting him. However, I have a lot of experience fighting in Mexico and I’ll use that to neutralise him in this fight.”

Do you see any weaknesses in Ford’s game?

“No not too many, I’m going to use my training tactics – stand in front of Raymond using my short punches. I’m going to get the job done, I have a warrior style and that’s how I’m going to win.”

How do you feel with Ford saying he’s going to make an example out of you?

“I’m going to bring the best of me to the ring, I’ve been through many rounds and I’m going to give the people a really good show.”

Arthur Biyarslanov (6-0 5 KOs) – Rising Canadian Super-Lightweight

How did your upbringing shape into the fighter you are today?

“It made me a lot stronger, where I came from makes me a lot hungrier. I’m very thankful to be here, to Matchroom, Eddie Hearn and DAZN.”

“You’re going to see beautiful boxing. I’ll be keeping my composure and box but if the knockout comes then it’ll come.”

“We’re ready for anything, we had a great camp. All Mexican’s are tough, and they come to fight. I’m very happy that Juan took the fight and let’s put on a great show for the fans.”

Juan Jose Martinez (28-9 20 KOs) – Mexican facing Biyarslanov

“I know that my opponent is a very strong warrior and that he is going to be a difficult fight but like all Mexican fighters I’m going to come out with the win.”

“In order to get the win on Saturday I have to utilise all the experience I have in the ring against my opponent.”

Darren Cunningham (11-0 6 KOs) – Super-Bantamweight with Devin Haney Promotions

David on being close and training with Devin Haney:

“Devin Haney has been my brother for six years now. Training with him is great because I get to experience that Championship pedigree which I’ll show Saturday night.”

What do you know about Juan Gabriel Medina?

“I know that he has fought a lot of former world champions, and one current world champion, but I’m the future and I’ll show him why I’m nothing like those guys.”

Juan Gabriel Medina (11-4 10 KOs) – Dominican facing Cunningham

What do you expect to see from Darren Cunningham this Saturday?

“I can’t expect anything because I know nothing about David. I’ve been training and I will show you everything I’ve been training for on Saturday.”

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