Head-to-Head Discussion | Golovkin vs. Murray

Key #1 for Martin Murray
Stay Tight, Keep the Chin Down

By Lauren Pinkerton

At this point it’s a blatant fact that Gennady Golovkin hits extremely hard. What’s nice about this though, is that Martin Murray isn’t the type to keep his hands down.

Murray is actually pretty decent at keeping his guard tight and staying tucked in behind his jab. If he can continue to use this technique and jabs efficiently, then the Englishman could end up being a more difficult target to hit, especially when his three-inch range advantage becomes a factor.

On top of this, Murray has a pretty solid chin, at least from what we’ve seen so far. But at least this fight won’t resemble a charging bull attacking my mom’s china set.

Of course, no one can really prepare for the force behind Golovkin’s punches, but Murray has already proven that he can take a good hit. If he continues to keep his chin tucked, he’s got a chance of surviving.


Key #1 for Gennady Golovkin
Dig to the Body

By Lou Catalano

Martin Murray is a stand up fighter who likes to throw the quick one-two combo. Gennady Golovkin throws everything in the book, and he throws it all exceptionally well.

Let’s be honest here, Murray will be lucky to finish this fight without either rambling incoherently or sucking food through a straw. But he is rather crafty, so GGG would be wise to start the fight by landing shots to the midsection.

Murray will be looking for the head shots, so Gennady should be able to bash happily away at his inner organs until they’re properly liquefied. This will properly soften him up for the kill.

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