Head-to-Head Discussion | Golovkin vs. Murray

Key #2 for Martin Murray
Dance Fast, Dance Hard

By Lauren Pinkerton

This is not precisely saying that Martin Murray should dance away from his target, but this isn’t saying that he should not either.

The big problem with fighting Gennady Golovkin is that he’s not only a heavy hitter, but he’s actually smart about his technique too.

The Kazakh is fantastic at cutting his opponents off.

The way that Murray can avoid this issue is by putting his footwork into high gear. Cutting angles won’t be enough in this fight, he’s going to have to work large lateral steps that are well timed. He’ll need to control the pace of the fight by stepping in and out of the pocket from radically different angles if he wants a chance of avoiding GGG.

Whatever he does though, he has to do it quickly–or at least quicker than the “Good Boy.” If Murray gets caught off balanced during one of these removal steps, then it’s game over for him.


Key #2 for Gennady Golovkin
Cut off the Ring

By Lou Catalano

There is no way Martin Murray is going toe-to-toe with GGG unless he’s good and suicidal, so he’ll be looking to stick and move.

Gennady Golovkin is one of the better fighters in the world at properly cutting off the ring, and he’ll look to do that here. Even if Murray proves to have an Incredible Hulk-like beard, the pressure Golovkin creates alone should be enough to sap a substantial amount of energy from the British fighter.

From there, it’s only a matter of time. The hammer will drop, probably directly on Murray’s skull, and it will be snooze time. And then Gennady will say something like “I’m smash on him,” and we’ll all laugh and Max Kellerman will cream himself.

Someday, somebody will test Golovkin. Perhaps it will happen soon. I’m just not counting on it happening Saturday night.

Hopefully, this is another springboard to something bigger, because the sooner he’s in a mega-fight, the better it is for all of us.

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