Andy Ruiz

Hearn Calls Ruiz-Joshua 2 “Iconic Moment for Boxing”

Brant Wilson/RBRBoxing

While many people are being super critical of Eddie Hearn and the fact that Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2 will take place in Saudi Arabia, Hearn thinks the event can be massive for boxing.

After the graphics and announcement that Ruiz-Joshua 2 was on, boxing fans took to social media to call Hearn everything from a sellout to an idiot.

Also, some people are suggesting that Hearn is just cashing out because he feels Joshua will lose again. One thing is for sure, a lot of money will be made in Saudi Arabia and this is a business decision–sorry fans.

As far as the fight is concerned, how do you think it will play out? Does Ruiz have Joshua’s number? Has Ruiz gotten too enamored with the champion lifestyle since springing the upset?

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