Heather Hardy

Heather Hardy Claims WBO Title In a Great Fight with Shelly Vincent

Heather Hardy Defeats Shelly Vincent in Rematch

I don’t ever want to hear that women’s boxing is not exciting.

Heather Hardy (22-0, 4 KOs) and Shelly Vincent (23-2-1, 1 KO) put on an absolute show tonight. One that saw Hardy win a unanimous decision and claim the vacant WBO title.

Heather and Shelly know each other extremely well. They did after all engage in one of the best women’s boxing matches in recent memory in their first fight two years ago, so it comes to no surprise that there was absolutely no feeling out process for either woman.

From the moment the bell rang these two women were chucking heavy leather at each other. The first few rounds saw Heather being able to not only out slug Vincent, but also outbox her.

It was clear that Vincent’s game plan was simply to turn this boxing match into an all-out brawl. She bullied her way inside and tried to make it a very rough night Heather.

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Her tactics had little-to-no effect on Hardy during the first three rounds, but in Round 4 four Vincent found some success as an overhand right sent Hardy stumbling backwards and she seemed to be in legit trouble.

Hardy was able to weather the storm of that round and make it out unscathed. Unfortunately for Vincent that was about as much success as she had all night as Hardy cruised to a points victory.

All 10 rounds were competitive, but it was Hardy who seemingly continued to have the edge and control much of the rounds.

In true warrior fashion both women slugged it out in the final round and gave the fans what they wanted to see. The crowd continually cheered and applauded these women for their efforts.

Women’s boxing has continued to be overlooked for quite some time but the effort these women put on tonight should put an end to that notion.

Photo Gallery by Marilyn Paulino/Round By Round Boxing

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