Hardy vs. Vincent: Heather “The Heat” Hardy Media Day Workout [Video]

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Undefeated brawlers and longtime rivals Heather “The Heat” Hardy and Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent hosted a media workout at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn Friday as they near their long anticipated showdown featured on Sunday, August 21 from Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn.


“This is a huge step up to be on television. It’s not the top of the ladder. There’s still room to go but I’m really excited, happy and proud to be on this stage. It proves that all you have to do is be super determined, open your mouth and good things can happen.

“A lot of people have been waiting for this one. She’s done a lot of talking and I’m pretty quiet back to her. My fans know I’m going to do my talking in the ring, so there is definitely a lot of excitement leading up to this.

“I’m going to be fighting closer to home than ever. It’s an honor to be able to represent Brooklyn on the first show at the Amphitheater in Coney Island.

“When I spar, I don’t look to focus in too much on my opponent. I just want to get better. We’ve had really diverse sparring. If I improve my techniques, there is no one who can beat me and that’s the truth.

“You can prepare as much as you want, but I don’t like to over plan. We’ll go in there and figure her out in the first round. We’ve done the work that we need to.

“A lot of people have criticized some of the opponents me and Shelly have had, but we’ve honestly always had an eye on preserving our records and making sure this fight happens on television. This fight is not about my wins, but it’s about giving women boxers the opportunity to be showcased. Win, lose or draw, we’ve both opened the door for other women and that’s what’s most important.

“This fight means everything to me. This is for everything I’ve ever stood for. I came up from nothing. I’ve spoken up about my past so that people who have walked a similar road will know what is possible with hard work and dedication. I’m here because I wanted something so bad and I wouldn’t let anybody tell me I couldn’t have it.

“I’ve fought so hard for everything and it inspires me to keep going. This is only one step. There’s so many more doors I want to open before I end my career.

“I would like to treat everyone to a boxing clinic this Sunday. Shelly is going to get a free boxing lesson from me this Sunday. Not many people can say they get that.”

In the video below, Hardy works out and gives her thoughts about her upcoming fight versus Vincent and the state of women’s boxing.

Photos by Brant Wilson/RBRBoxing

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