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5+ Hot Sports Wives and Girlfriends

Courtesy of Instagram

The world of sports can be as much fun as we often hype it up to be. Our favorite teams can dominate the game and our fantasy can also sports teams can win us cash.

While sports usually offer a lot of enjoyment and entertainment, there are always lulls that threaten to drag us down. Our fantasy team can plummet down the rankings, the games we’re tuning into can be snooze fests and our favorite team could be of the Cleveland Browns or San Francisco 49ers variety (sorry, not sorry).

Experiencing all of the painful losing that sports sometimes has to offer can be brutal, but one thing that can always pick us back up is enjoying the presence of the beautiful women in sports.

Whether they’re shown in the stands, before or after a game or we’ve just kicked the game to the curb for our phones and computers, the wives and girlfriends of famous athletes tend to lighten the mood.

Throw in Instagram accounts and discussion forums, and we have an endless supply of beautiful women to marvel over. And that also gives us a running line of athletes that we’ll endlessly be jealous of.

Feelings aside, you’re here for the hottest sports wives and girlfriends and we won’t have you leaving empty handed. Our list is understandably subjective (as is your interpretation), but in our opinion, it’s hard to beat this group of the hottest sports wives and girlfriends.

Hayden Panettiere (Wladimir Klitschko)

Courtesy of Twitter

Most will remember the tiny but adorable Panettiere from her breakout role in Heroes, or if you’re not nerdy enough for that, perhaps you’d appreciate her performance in the hit, Nashville.

Solid acting chops aside, Panettiere has always been fun to watch, especially as she nervously cheered her Heavyweight boxing champion husband on outside the ring.

Wladimir Klitschko made betting on his fights easy, but he’s now retired so he can concentrate all his efforts on his beautiful wife.

Kate Upton (Justin Verlander)


This isn’t a list of lust, but more of one of appreciation. Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton already made her name before ever latching on with MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, but now the two look like one of the best power couples in sports.

Upton is notorious for appearing at Verlander’s games and followed him to Houston as he helped the Astros win their first ever title.

Many felt they could maybe nab Upton at some point, but with the two recently getting hitched, envy from afar will have to do.

Hannah Jeter (Derek Jeter)

Courtesy of Instagram

We can move from one baseball player to the next, as Derek Jeter finally settled down and wed beautiful model, Hannah Davis.

Hannah made her own mark in the modelling world before she ever met Jeter, but finding a way to lock down one of baseball’s notorious playboys was understandably impressive.

Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)


Not every beautiful woman that’s married to a star athlete is on this list simply because they’re among the “hottest” women in sports. Gisele Bundchen can certainly say that, but one could say she’s also among the most powerful.

Bundchen might not have the influence of a Beyonce and the like, but she’s never been afraid to speak her mind, whether it be on Brady’s concussions or teammates dropping passes.

If you’re sensing a theme here, it’s clear that the top athletes take a liking to beautiful models. Bundchen certainly qualifies and continues to stand by her man – hubby Tom Brady.

Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)

Courtesy of Instagram

No hot sports wives list would be complete without Dwyane Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union.

Union is another strong, independent woman that made her mark in entertainment long before her marriage to a star athlete and still stands on her own as a beautiful woman and talented actress.

Union and Wade have been together since 2014, when the two officially tied the knot and left the collective NBA world forever jealous of D-Wade.

Paulina Gretzky (Dustin Johnson)

Courtesy of Instagram

It’s hard to know what the daughter of The Great One is known for more; being the daughter of the best hockey player ever, the wife of one of golf’s best stars or her racy photos on the internet.

Whatever your take is, we know now that Gretzky stands by her husband, as the two dedicated their lives to each other back in 2013.

Gretzky is now a proud mom, a supporter of one of the PGA’s most dominant talents and still is as gorgeous as ever.

Kristie Jane McKeon (Ross Pearson)

Courtesy of Instagram

We cap our list by rounding the circle for most of the major sports, this time with arguably the hottest wife/girlfriend in MMA circles these days.

Conor McGregor is the bigger name, but even he can’t say he has the gorgeous Kristie Jane McKeon on his arm.

That right goes to UFC fighter, Ross Pearson. The man known as “The Real Deal” hasn’t impressed with a 19-14 record as a pro, but he certainly got the real deal by landing McKeon.

Believe us, we know there are a ton of hot sports wives and girlfriends out there. From Ciara to Mindy Robinson, the list could truly go on and on. To us, however, the aforementioned ladies are some of the most beautiful the sports world currently has to offer.


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