How to Get Started in Boxing

How to Get Started in Boxing

Boxing remains popular for more than four centuries. It attracts a lot of men and women due to the benefits that it brings. If you want to get into boxing, but don’t know where to start, scroll down below and find a step-by-step guide.

What Is Boxing?

For starters, let’s discover what boxing is to avoid any possible misunderstandings. It’s a combat sport where you need to fight against your opponent. As a boxer, you’re allowed to punch your rival by fists above the waistline.

The number of rounds can vary, but their length is three minutes. In most cases, a referee determines a winner. However, if you knock out your opponent or knock him down for 10 seconds, you become a winner.

Steps to Get Started

Did you decide to get into boxing? Well, the process of getting started is not as simple as it seems. Follow the guide below and challenge yourself in this sport.

Define your Goals

This crucial step requires you to make a self-journey and define your primary goals. There three main reasons why people decide to get into this sport:

  • Become a famous sportsman;
  • Strengthen personality;
  • Learn self-defense practices.

Once you develop a strong understanding of why you need to start training, you need to choose a gym, coach, schedule, and style of workout that correspond to your needs.

For instance, if you decide to win a world’s boxing championship, it’s not enough to do a workout three times a week. Mere words, you need to move living to a gym. You should work out two times every single day. Also, you will need to have a well-thought-out nutrition plan.

Find a Gym

The best way to find a great gym is to follow someone’s recommendation. If you have friends who are in boxing, ask them. They will share their experience and tell you which gym is the best.

Prioritize gyms in your area. If you’re a student and your gym is located far from your campus, you will need to ask your friends, “Who can do my assignment for me?” to have enough time for making long distances every time you need to work out.

You can open a Google Map, and find some boxing clubs that are located in your area. Also, check out some local ad boards and surf social media to find a boxing club that matches your requirements.

Choose a Coach

It’s impossible to become a great sportsman and achieve great results without a professional coach. His crucial task is to share his experience with you. Thereupon, you need to find an instructor with vast experience in this sport and impressive personal achievements.

When you meet your coach for the first time, you’ll be asked about your expertise, schedule, and desire. Don’t hesitate to ask a coach about training methods, required equipment, and how much time is needed to start sparring.

Get Essential Equipment

Since boxing is a combat sport, it’s forbidden to do exercises and fight without special equipment. For starters, you have to purchase hand-wraps. Its inexpensive purchase will help you fix your wrists and save you from injuries while punching a sandbag or opponent.

Don’t hesitate to get your personal mouthguard and gloves to ensure a high level of hygiene. However, as a novice, you can use shared gloves in your gym. Being an experienced fighter, you will need to purchase headgear, boxing shoes, and a jump-rope.

Start Training

Start your training from learning the essentials of boxing. Learn more about boxing styles, fighting strategies, breathing techniques, and common mistakes in this sport.

Then, you’ll start training with a sandbox and partner to polish your punches, making them more quick and striking. Only when your coach decides that you’re ready to fight with an opponent, you will start sparring.

What To Expect When You Start?

If you have never been to a gym before and don’t know what you will need to do, relax. Note that boxing is an intense sport that requires great stamina. You will also learn how to outsmart your opponent and strike him, not only how to throw your punches.

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