Insider Predictions: Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief, Round By Round Boxing 

In my opinion, this rematch is very tough to call. Obviously, the first fight ended in controversy with the split-decision nod going to Timothy Bradley. I watched the fight three times and even when I was looking to give Bradley rounds for the sake of validating the argument that he won, I could only find five rounds at most that could go his way. I don’t believe there is any way Bradley won the first fight against Manny Pacquiao eight rounds to four, which is what he is now claiming. Having said all that, I think Bradley has a very good chance to defend his title on Saturday night. But, I also think that Pacquiao will be as hungry as ever and look to prove that his “fire” is still there. I think Pacquiao will look to make something impressive happen early on and like he has been saying, his work rate should be high. Bradley will have to weather that early storm from Pacquiao to stand a chance and if he can, my prediction will certainly be wrong. But, I see Pacquiao having success throwing punches in bunches and winning a comfortable unanimous decision.

Prediction: Pacquiao


Lenin Acevedo, Photographer, Round By Round Boxing

Timothy Bradley will win this fight like he did the first time. I feel like Bradley, even in their first bout, was always the slicker and much smarter boxer. Pacquiao’s illogical aggressiveness is just eye candy to some folks. In this bout, Pacquiao will just try too hard to impose his authority in the ring to only get out boxed for the night. Bradley by decision.

Prediction: Bradley


Rob Anthony, Contributing Writer, Round By Round Boxing

In their first encounter in 2012, Manny Pacquiao–while he did take time off in certain rounds and failed to put Timothy Bradley on the canvas–thoroughly dominated that fight and should have gotten a unanimous-decision victory. Since that fight, Pacquiao was brutally knocked out by his long-time rival Juan Manuel Marquez and pitter pattered his way to an easy win over an over matched and much slower Brandon Rios. I believe that Bradley–through his tough triumphs over Marquez and Ruslan Provodnikov–got better as a fighter and won back some confidence and respect in the boxing world. Bradley slipped a few times in the first fight due to not wearing socks and later said that his feet were sliding around in his shoes during the fight, which subsequently caused injuries to his feet and ankles. If Bradley can get through this fight with two healthy feet I believe he can beat Pacquiao. After going toe-to-toe with the relentless Provodnikov and withstanding his barrage and out counter punching a counter puncher in Marquez, there isn’t anything Bradley can’t do, or feels he can’t do. If Pacquiao fights in spurts and is reluctant to pull the trigger in finishing Bradley, he will not win this fight. Bradley wins by unanimous decision because he’s willing to do anything to win and Pacquiao is willing to do just enough to win and no longer has the killer instinct he once possessed.

Prediction: Bradley


Gabe Polanco, Staff Writer, Round By Round Boxing

In a confusing match up, Manny Pacquaio will get his shot to avenge his controversial defeat against Timothy Bradley. Confusing in a way, since Bradley won, but didn’t and Pacquaio lost, but didn’t also. Does Pacquaio go out and fight the same way as he did the first fight or does he stay true to his promise and become more aggressive and bring out the Pacquaio of old? Or will the experience that Bradley gained that fateful summer night in 2012 be the deciding factor in overcoming the “Pride of the Philippians?” Do both men realize their imperfections and try to correct them, or will the boxing gods forsake us again with another controversial decision? I personally think it’s do or die for Pacquaio, as many people have already questioned his commitment to the sport. This isn’t just a championship fight for Pacquaio, it’s a fight for his future, his current standing and most importantly, his legacy. I think it’s all too much for the “Desert Storm” as I have Pacquaio winning by KO late, late in the fight.

Prediction: Pacquiao


Brendan Montenegro, Sr. Corespondent, Round By Round Boxing

This fight is definitely tough to judge. Both fighter’s have something to prove. With Timothy Bradley stating he won the first fight eight rounds to four, he is out to show the world he will do it again. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand is out to prove the judges were wrong the first time and that age is nothing but a number. At the end of the day, neither one of them will get knocked out, but it will be one hell of a fight. I’m giving the edge to Pacquiao seven rounds to five.

Prediction: Pacquiao

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