Is Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Good for Boxing?

Floyd Mayweather has been more of a showman than an actual sports figure. Although, one may argue that he is a sports figure, based on his supreme athleticism and work ethic, Mayweather has figured out the loophole in reeling people into paying for his fights.

Whether some may speculate that some of his fights have been handicapped in his favor or have been staged, Mayweather’s reputation doesn’t bother him as he only knows one thing; money. And how to make tons of it.

Throughout the years, Mayweather has developed a great relationship with wrestling’s iconic family, the McMahon’s. The McMahon’s have acquired great success through their show business in wrestling, selling great entertainment with staged fights and great story lines that build up the contest of the show, all through well thought out advertising and the possibility of a 50-50 fight that you can only find the outcome of by buying their PPV and tuning in to find out the live result.

Does this sound familiar to Mayweather’s selling antics?

Mayweather has recently stated that Conor McGregor has a good chance at beating him. Can a true boxing fan really believe that’s a fact?

Despite Mayweather’s criticized boxing, boring or not, there’s no way an MMA fighter can ever beat a professional boxer in the squared circle. Selling the fight as that being a possibility, is nonsense. It’s clearly targeting an amateur audience only looking to be entertained.

At the moment, boxing has been on the decline with intermediate ups and downs. When people bring up the PPV sales of Mayweather vs. McGregor against the PPV sales of Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin, its ludicrous to think that Mayweather will sell more PPV buys than a true competitive fight between Golovkin vs Canelo.

It doesn’t make sense that people would rather tune into staged entertainment instead of a real competitive fight. Of course, the majority population, in this day in age, prefers entertainment over reality.

Unfortunately, as we have seen with many recent “popular votes” like Trump winning the election, catch me outside girl having her own reality show and many more similar popular votes; one cant really trust the majority decision.

Therefore, advertising this fight as a competitive display of skill, has to be at the very least a charity fight instead. No true boxing fan will pay for a show.

This “fight” between Mayweather and McGregor is fine for the sake of entertainment. It’ll maybe even open up a door for true competition between two similar sports down the line. This show has the potential of making people tune into boxing as fans and maybe this event can capture their imagination of what the actual sport of boxing really means.

But, it shouldn’t be sold as true competition. If this fight is going to be counted as a winning victory in Mayweather’s boxing record, it’s a joke because then this fight will actually damage the sports integrity by racking up easy wins sold as tough ones.

Cherry picking is bad enough as it is in boxing to hinder it even more with even easier opponents from another sport that lacks everything a mediocre boxer possesses.

If this fight is counted as Mayweather’s 50th win, then that’ll be the day boxing has transitioned completely into entertainment. It’ll be the death of boxing as we know it.

It is funny how a lot of people that despise Mayweather or McGregor for their arrogant attitudes and their flashy money keep on giving it to them. They literally laugh their way to the bank, blatantly expressing their easy earnings.

And with good reason. It’s time that millionaires give back to the people that made them rich by staging an event like this for free or for charity because there is no way this fight will look good for boxing and the integrity of the sport.

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